Ayurvedic cure for Acidity – My Story

When acidity strikes or ambushes you, you feel so uncomfortable, you want to vomit, but nothing comes out and you get so acrimonious that, what is happening in your belly, you just feel perplexed and don't know what to do.

The other day I also felt the same way. It was a Monday morning and I had to reach my office on time, but this terrible feeling made me feel as life was slipping from my hands and I knew nothing, how to cure it. I rang up my colleague and said "Sandra I am feeling terrible once again, can you just manipulate our boss and ask for a half day leave, can you do it for me?"

Even she felt bad about me and replied, "Why are you giving lame excuses, Sue? When you know that your stomach gets upset, why do have to drink wine?" "No Sandra, I didn't had any alcoholic drink, I just had a pizza, because the party I went was a pizza party only. I was starving, so I had to eat something and I had no choice, except eating pizza".

"I had the garlic alongside & thought it will help in digesting pizza comfortably, but alas, I was absolutely fine, when I went to bed, the trouble began in the morning when I woke up" I added. She said "OK, I'll take care of that, but when you reach office, both of us will search the net to find a true remedy, got-it?".

"Thanks" I said slowly and went to a chemist shop, which used to provide me the temporary relief. I took the powder for acidity relief, put it in a glass of water and gulped it down. It used to heal me within a few minutes, but made me feel lethargic for some hours. I was looking for a permanent cure.

I had visited many clinics earlier that promised me to get relief from acidity, even if I had 1 or 2 drinks of wine or whiskey, but as they say 'promises are made to be broken', I also found it true. No one could provide me a permanent solution to my problem.

I reached office after taking rest in a local park, at about 1:30pm and faced the boss's wrath. He said if acidity is a problem that can't be cured, better leave the job and get admitted to a hospital. But I felt little reluctant to do so, as the chemist, who provided a temporary relief, I trusted him from the depth of my heart and he said you can't get rid of it permanently as it was genetic.

But I am the one who says 'never say die' to any problem easily. I never give up as every problem has a solution. Impossible is a word that does not exist in my dictionary, but makes I m possible, can make it possible if you keep trying and never ever give up.

Both me and Sandra after finishing the job at 5:00 P.M. went to a park and sat on a bench and tried to find a natural remedy on the Net that can bring permanent relief from acidity

How I Found Ayurvedic Doctor

  • Finally we landed at PlanetAyurveda that showed healing of many diseases with their herbal remedies, which are being formulated by a qualified, reputed and experienced Ayurvedic doctor. We searched on their website and got their Whatsapp number ( +91-8427864030) and called, narrating my troubles.
  • A lady doctor answered the phone and talked very politely and had a long conversation with us.

Herbal Remedies Given by Ayurvedic Doctor

Finally she said, "you have to alter your diet plan and take the medicine of Acidity Care Pack, which consisted of 3 different pickings of Amalaki

My Ayurvedic Medicines( Acidity Care Pack From Planet Ayurveda)

  • Amalaki Rasayan
  • Digestion Support
  • Heart Burn Capsules.


  • All the 3 needed to be had 1 capsule twice a day, this is your prescription, the whole cure depends on it.

Diet Recommended By Ayurvedic Doctor

  • I'll also tell you the foods that you need to consume and what not to eat, are you ready to follow them precisely?"
  • I said, "Sure ma'am, I am already fed up of these nauseating symptoms. I need a permanent cure"
  • "Very fine" she said " your acid reflux has reached a high point, so have cool & fresh veggies and fruits, baked fennel seeds will do an excellent job in aiding digestion, drink fresh pomegranate juice regularly, brew a tea using coriander, dried ginger and snake guard leaf.

How i took

  • Take 14 to 28 ml twice daily and avoid some of them like grapefruit, orange, tomatoes and tomato sauce, spinach, raw onions, cheese (especially stale cheese like blue cheese, mature cheddar and feta), vinegar, alcohol, cayenne, jalapeno peppers, chilies and radish. Also avoid eating meat of any kind, OK?"

What Prevention and Tips I Do

  • She also added "never skip a meal and eat at least 2 meals a day at standard time and avoid getting stressed, leave all your worries at home and try to remain in a cheerful mood."
  • She also prescribed to drink some cool drinks that can stop my excessive acid production like, coconut water. Halt from drinking chilled water or with ice. She provided a list of many other foods that will help in curing my acidity.

I Get Ayurvedic Medicine in USA

  • I got this remedy from a local distributor within a day in LA and began following her instructions precisely. I had a gut feeling that I will surpass this acidity after some time and a miracle happened after a few days only. My acidity vanished into the thin air and never recur.


  • Now I was regretting that why didn't I try this natural healing beforehand. But there is a thought 'better late than never'. All is well that ends well, I am enjoying life in better way these days
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