What are the Benefits of Using Sheridan Towels?
What are the Benefits of Using Sheridan Towels?

Towels are a basic item in every household. We can find many towels in our home and we never even give it a thought while buying them as for most of us towel is a mere basic commodity that helps in wiping our wet bodies after a bath. However, it is not all the same. If you use a premium towel, the experience is very different, and you can feel the difference. The Sheridan towels are one of the best ones that can buy. These towels are available at The Bedspread Shop at affordable prices. These towels are very soft and have instant absorbency rate.
The best thing about Sheridan towels is that they are made of Egyptian cotton. The cotton is one of the most acclaimed materials coming from the country. It is known for its durability, softness, and excellent quality which have established it as one of the finest in the world.
What makes Egyptian cotton so popular?
The hype about the Egyptian cotton is because indeed it is the best in the world which stands out from the rest owing to its strength, softness, and absorbency. You may have used towels with different types of natural fabrics, but your experience is incomplete until you use an Egyptian cotton towel. It is made with precision to make sure that no fibre is damaged. It is hand-woven and used for making sheets, blankets, and duvets apart from towels. However, the towels made from this cotton are more popular than any other item.
Some of the reasons that make Egyptian cotton towels so in demand are:

  • It has long fibres which make it possible to produce the finest and smoothest yarn without compromising on the strength and quality of the fibres.
  • It is the strength of the fibre which contributes to the strength and durability of the towels. Thus, the towels can withstand long usage and stress.
  • It is highly absorbent which keeps the towels soft even after long-term use and the colours remain vibrant without fading.

Benefits of Sheridan (Egyptian cotton) towels


  • One of the benefits of these towels is that they are completely organic and free of chemicals. The cotton is grown without using any type of toxins, so there is no risk of allergies and skin reactions. 
  • Another benefit of these towels is that they are breathable than any other type of cotton. This makes the towels more comfortable in summers along with making them absorbent. They dry on their own within a few hours.
  • These towels are durable, and though they are a bit expensive, they are worth it as they will last for several years.

If you are looking for beautifully finished towels that give you a touch of softness after taking a bath, look for nowhere else but the Sheridan towels at The Bedspread Shop. It is one of the best online portals for buying a variety of premium towels to have a luxury bathing experience.

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