5 Honeymoon Ideas for Adventurous Couples
5 Honeymoon Ideas for Adventurous Couples

Planning your honeymoon location and activities may just be as important as planning the wedding itself. After all, you want everything to be exceptional, as this will be the first time you’ll take a trip and do things together as a married couple.

Aside from the enjoyment, the honeymoon can also be the right time for couples to relax or talk about their plans as a married couple (and probably even start with some of those plans).

No one destination or endeavor defines a honeymoon since every couple is unique when it comes to how they would spend their special day. For instance, an adventurous couple would probably get bored if they just go to a beautiful beach and bask in the sun, while a more conservative one would likely prefer to tour around a European city.

The recommendations below, though, would sit better with adrenaline junkies who want something different and exciting to kick off the new chapter of their life.



Trek through the woods or walk up the mountains. There’s probably no better way to test the strength of your relationship while satisfying your need for excitement than to go hiking. This activity can be quite taxing, so gather enough patience if you don’t want to have a lover’s quarrel atop a mountain!

But if you can walk—or hike—past the difficulties, you can bask in the feeling of accomplishment and even be rewarded with an amazing view at the top. You can also ride up if you can ride a mountain bike.

Enjoy this activity at places like the Rocky Mountains, Colorado; Lahaina, Hawaii; Cape Town, South Africa; Riviera Maya, Mexico; Glenorchy, New Zealand; Ivins, Utah, the Dutch island of Saba; and Mount Scenery in the Netherlands.


SCUBA Diving

If trekking isn’t your or your partner’s thing, then maybe a trip to the depths of the ocean is. Go SCUBA diving and see the world below filled with coral reefs, manta rays, turtles, and other sea creatures.

Keep in mind, though, that this would require certification for the both of you. If you don’t have certification or didn’t have the time to get it, you can also do equally exhilarating activities in the water like kayaking, surfing, or parasailing.

Photographers suggest popular diving spots where you can take amazing photos of the life underwater like the Cayman Islands; La Paz, Mexico; Hamilton Island, Australia; Selfoss, Iceland; Fiji; and Rodney Bay, St Lucia. Don’t forget to bring your gadgets and accessories!


Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumps have long been a staple for people looking for extreme adventures. It’s been given a romantic touch with the birth of tandem or couple bungee jumps and canyon swings.

The couple is strapped together and freefalls from a tall structure, going up and down as the huge elastic cord recoils from kinetic energy. In the case of canyon swings, a rope catches you and your partner, and you both swing like a pendulum.

If you want something more thrilling up in the air, there’s also skydiving, balloon rides, zipline, and microlight flights to choose from. Tandem bungee jumps can be done in places like Kawarau Bridge, Queenstown, New Zealand; Altopiano di Asiago, Vicenza, Italy; and Avinguda Les Alegries, Lloret de Mar, Spain.



Safaris may not be as taxing or nerve-wracking as the previous activities mentioned, but animal-loving couples will definitely be on a high witnessing, observing, or interacting with wild creatures in their natural habitat. In addition, resorts that offer safaris have other activities available for honeymooning couples like trekking, diving, horseback riding, and many others.

Perhaps the first cause of concern for honeymoon safari is the price, as the entire activity and lodging don’t come cheap. Aside from that, you’ll have to pay off the recommended vaccines, which will help both of you avoid dangerous diseases that may be rampant in your chosen location.

This makes the destination all the more essential, with the most popular being Africa (Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, and South Africa are the top choices); Sri Lanka and India can also be considered. Choosing a location entails knowing what animals you’d like to see and when the best time to visit is.


Road Trip

If you’re the kind of couple who gets adrenaline from being spontaneous, though, wing it and go on a road trip. Not only is this a perfect time to travel to local destinations that you’ve always wanted to go, but it’s also very inexpensive and requires little to no planning (because you’ve probably done enough budgeting and preparation after coming from a wedding, anyway).

Living on the road for a time isn’t really that invigorating, but the great thing about road trips is you can always make a stop in locations where you can do some activities with your significant other and take as much time as you want to.


You can view a honeymoon as the calm before the storm or an exciting jumpstart into a new life chapter. Either way, what you should understand is that it is the right time for you to enjoy the wedded bliss before life—and everything else in between—starts happening again.

Neither destination nor activities define a great honeymoon—it is the couple themselves that can make this trip eventful for them.


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