How to Get Your Imported Car Certified with COC?

Depending upon the place you live in, the process of registering the car in France varies. This is compulsory at every place where you go. To complete the process, you need to have all the important documents and paperwork. The process of COC registration of a car from any country that holds EU membership like Germany, Spain, and France etc. is the same. All you need to replace the registration document of the UK with the document for the nation you are importing your car from. The certificat de conformité mg comes from manufacturer and is needed while registering in France.

About Certificate of Conformity

The certificat de conformité Porsche certifies that your imported car meets all the French Standards. There are two different ways to get the certificate of conformity. You need to ensure that you have documentation pack because it is a standard practice now.

  1. 1.      Request COC from Car Manufacturer through Dealer

This way, the dealer sends the request to the manufacturer of the car and they will forward the request to the higher office to issue the certificate to the desired address you have mentioned on the form. It usually takes 2 weeks or more to get the COC Honda in your post box.

  1. 2.      Contact DREAL to Request Certificate

This is apparently the best thing you can do for your car to get certified. Make an appointment with DREAL for the testing of your car. If everything is good, you will get your certificate attested within 2-3 weeks. You have to take these things to the DREAL testing centre –

  • Original Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Your car for testing
  • Proof of Residence
  • Certificate of Import
  • Identity Proof
  • Proof of Purchase
  • Driving License
  • Mode of Payment (Checkbook)

When it comes to get certificat de conformité seat you need to consider all the above tips. You can get the car through “Control Technique” for certification. You need to take care of the potential switch for RHD car. According to where you live in France, the time taken for registration varies. You have to get your car COC registered within one month to adhere to the rules if you are living in France. You are not required to apply for residency if you are shifting from the UK. After 183 days of living in France for taxation, you will be a resident.

If you are a French resident, you cannot drive the vehicle which is registered out of France. There are some additional rules regarding driving in Europe. So, it takes a bit more time for registration of your car and you need to live there for six months to register your car. You should also have the UK registration certificate which is known as the log book. The Certificate of Conformity proves that your car has been made to abide by the French standards. For cars which are renewed in every 2 years and older than 4 years, you need French MOT.

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