Most Luxurious Bohemian Faux Leather bags
Most Luxurious Bohemian Faux Leather bags

The Little Secret Boutique prides in one thing; being able to bring a vast collection of bohemian leather handbags, purses and bags without having to rely on pure leather. We love animals just as much as we do fashion. That is why we ensure that all our boutique leather handbags are not only cruelty-free but also stylish, luxurious and versatile.

If you are a vegan and looking for the most elegant bohemian purses and bags or boutique handbags, our collection will no doubt impress you. We understand that it is very frustrating to find good quality faux products in the market today. Making the decision to become a vegan is hard and it means you will have to give up all the real leather fashion staples that put a touch of elegance to your closet.  You will soon realize that most of the boutique leather handbags out there are of poor quality and not deserving of your money.

That is exactly why The Little Secret Boutique came into being. We strive to ensure that the vegan community is not isolated when it comes to fashion. We have put together a huge collection of animal friendly bohemian purses, bags and boutique handbags. If you think you are running out of fashion choices just because you gave up real leather products, you haven’t tried us yet.  Our unique collection of boho faux fashion products is unlike any other you will find on the internet or your local stores.

We work diligently to ensure that we have something for everyone. Our designers put keen interest on detail and quality. In fact, most of our faux fashion products surpass the real leather ones by a huge margin. We guarantee that once you get hold of any of our bohemian leather handbags and boutique purses you will never look back. What is more, our prices are the best in the market. We ensure that every budget is catered for without having to sacrifice the quality of our products.

Let us introduce you to a passionate vegan community that also values fashion. Don’t waste your money on sketchy faux handbags, bags or purses. has the perfect deals for you. 

If your just dipped your foot into the vegan waters, you might still be confused and have no idea what some of the words mean. Vegan fashion products such as vegan tote bags and vegan shoulder bags are made of polyurethane instead of pure leather. Contrary to popular belief, vegan or faux leather is of top notch quality and mostly parallels real leather.

So if you thought that your favorite vegan satchel bag is of inferior quality as compared to the traditional leather one, you are in for a surprise. Being a vegan is a tremendous life decision. You might give up most of the delicious food you enjoyed but one thing is for sure; you will still have a wide variety of vegan-friendly fashion staples to choose from. 

However, you need to be very careful. Some of the faux products out there are not as good as they look. That is why here at, we ensure to provide you with only the best products. We have an enviable collection of vegan tote bags, shoulders bags and satchel bags.  Our products are of good quality and also stylish. We work with renowned designers who turn simple vegan leather into beautiful bags with a glossy sheen and a variety of shades that real leather cannot achieve.

When you buy from us, you never run out of fashion choices. We simply have everything for everyone. Join a compassionate community of vegan fashion lovers and start a journey to protecting animals and the environment while being stylish. 

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