How to remove the fear of writing

How to remove the fear of writing

The idea of becoming a writer is scary, but I am a living proof that you can improve the art of writing especially if you start out as a crappy writer (hah!)

Ash, you’re not a writer –Stephen King is a writer

You have no writing credentials and you are not even qualified as a writer. Your grammar and punctuation are horrible. People don’t need this type of stuff to read. 

Seven years ago, these were the thoughts that have filled my mind as I decided to become a full-time writer.

Not granted, but actually, I realized the fact that the commitment I made had provided a chance to gather my inner self-discipline and to become a full-time writer. I decided to step away from my business and thought of sharing my experience as an entrepreneur – the real experience and not the hick-ups, tips or some 3 step headlines for the media.

Everyone is afraid of FEAR but make no mistake in living with the blinking cursor. The real fear is the findings that are shared within the world. Let’s change that. We will show you how to remove the fear of writing. Let’s start.

Just not talk about the critic – the Inner Critic

The inner critic is always moving with you like the shadow of your soul. Let’s just stop him from whispering in your ear some nasty words like:  

  • Are you a good writer?
  • No one will be interested to read what you’ve written
  • You do not know how to create an interesting paper

Believe me, these types of thoughts are always coming from unknown sources - even the best authors who have crafted the essence of writing. Don’t give yourself the second chance. Combat these negative thoughts and combat with the following inner voices:

  • I am a capable writer and I learn more while talking and other gadgets, but you need to gain more experience.
  • I am very much confident in my understanding and hopefully, every teacher will share their short videos
  • Common you cannot make sure to an imposter. Once they just wait for the result, Total unofficial circuit

Understand what the reader is almost looking you.

Are you afraid to face the audience? This fear can actually make you dread writing. This will take some time to come back in the original style. If you do not write in this style, then judge someone writing style to get the style.

Keep your style and those who wanted to get the best research findings of the topics. The reader is only interested in the conclusions. They just want the teacher to conclude the session. The point is very clear, you are not trying to win an award but at least can try to give the best sample.

How to tackle the Writing process

Well, there are different perspectives coming in your mind, when you sit down to start writing the paper. From the ideas of your head to the know-how of the topics. Don’t wait from some inspirations. Some of the writers get the inspirations when they sit to write. You have different options like take some help from the assignment help in the UK who will not dictate the words.

Understanding that Done is better than Perfect

Art is never finished, it’s abandoned. This statement can be applied with the writing also. Sure, you can write on the topic beautifully but the perfection was not which was needed in the paper. This is the phase when you take or leave the stuff. Don’t let this drive your ideas into crazy and work with the accurate conveying the ideas.

Write a little More

The only way by which you can get the fear out of the box is the comfort level where you can be seen doing the work. Well, many of the writers will never love the writing aspect by imagining a written paper with loads of ideas and feelings that need to be in-line with the work.

Every time, when you will start writing, you will learn something new. This will happen through lots and lots of practice. After writing a few papers, the confidence level will be increased. The more you do, the better it is.

That’s the guarantee

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