Is Sex safe after heart valve repair?


Both men and women are seen undergoing the heart valve repair or replacement surgeries for fixing the issues within our heart. After the surgery, you may get rid of the heart issues; however, one may tend to get face a couple of issues while having sex. Hence, having sex after going for a heart valve repair surgery is safe or not is a big question to answer? Well, we all know how the heart valves are soft and high pitched click and by increasing the blood pressure it can cause the heart to beat in more forceful fashion and hence this can make the sound become much louder. This is really a normal thing with materials being used and thus there is no need to worry about its functioning during usual chores. The concern comes in a way that how the heart would react during the feeling of arousal or joy, annoyance or agitation especially the feelings that come along with sex, which gives the answer for the question whether sex after heart valve repair surgery is safe or not?

How safe is Sex after Heart Valve Repair Surgery?

As per cardiac studies, there is hardly any heart problem while one has sex issues. A number of medical reports suggest that less than 1 percent of heart issues are triggered by sexual activities. And this more lower for people who go for cardio vascular exercises. A sedentary risk for a person for having heart issues simply boost up during having sex while the risk of active person is seen rising up by 20 percent. However in either of the cases, the absolute risk seems really small especially when the sexual intercourse hardly lasts for few minutes rather than for hours. The probability of having heart attack survivor would experience another sort of heart attack or death is simply seen coming in roughly a case of one in every 10,000 cases.

During the sexual life, those odds are seen boosting up for not more than one in 33,000 cases. Yet if the heart patients after the said surgery abide by the guidelines they end up making their sex safer than before. If you have gone through any major heart surgery like heart valve repair surgery, you are required to wait for at least 6-8 weeks to be at the safer side. However, one can resume to sexual life immediately after having any minimally invasive surgery like clearing up blocked blood vessels hardly have any issue.

Guidelines from Cardiac Experts Ensure Safety

As per the new guidelines given by the health and cardiac experts having sex after all kinds of heart diseases like coronary artery disease, heart rhythm disorder, heart failure and heart valve issues an have a safe sex. However, in case the patient with heart valve surgery is seen embarking with certain uncertain results during the initial days after the surgery, the guidelines of the doctor recommend that he or she need to go with a couple of stress test exercise that involves monitoring the heart activities and breathing activities like running, jogging or walking over a treadmill. Even after getting a clean chit for sex by the doctors, the patients are supposed to take a couple of precautions. As per the guidelines, the patients after the heart surgery are supposed to avoid having heavy meals and alcohol before having sex. Secondly, you need to try out comfortable positions, which will help in getting free breathing and avoid any kind of unfamiliar surroundings and partners.


Before resuming to your sexual life after the surgery like heart valve repair procedures, the patients needs to discuss with the doctor for clear cut guidance. One can enjoy the bliss of sexual life with safety and pleasure provided he or she adheres to the guidance of doctors.

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