Do this before you Junk a Car for Cash
Do this before you Junk a Car for Cash

If you own a junk car, you might be looking at it and thinking “how do I  junk a car for cash?

A beaten up, rusted out or broken down car can cause you a lot of trouble. After months of dealing with costly repairs, it’s important to get an online quote for your junk car.

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It’s easy to have professional junk car buyers come and pick up your junk car for cash. Junk car buyers are most interested in your junk car’s scrap metal value. However, there are some parts in your junk car that can easily be removed on your own. Once you have taken those parts off, you can sell them separately. There are a handful of items that are worth removing and sold quickly for money. It’s also not difficult to find potential buyers for these valuable parts.

The Valuable Items in your Junk Car

  • Car Stereo

You might be surprised to know how much cash you can get for a car stereo in good cosmetic condition. Some cars come with a proprietary stereo which isn’t necessarily worth a lot of money. Some buyers look for car stereo for their car if their original has been lost or stolen. If you have a custom stereo in your car, it’s worth some serious cash. You can take it out and sell it to the one who pays the highest.

  • GPS

A lot of people use their cell phones for navigation these days. But there are some major advantages to having a hands-free, voice-operated, mounted GPS unit installed in your car. If you drive out of town, GPS is a great thing to have in your car. And it’s easy to use a GPS without having to take your eyes off the road. Removing your GPS unit from your car is easy and can fetch you a good amount.

  • Battery

You should know that a car battery in good condition is worth quite a bit of cash. Some larger automobiles use batteries that are quite expensive and brand new. A lot of buyers with an older car might not want to spend a hundred dollars for a new battery. Removing your battery is very easy and only requires a couple of tools.

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Before you get your junk car picked up, you can remove the above-mentioned items. You will get buyers easily to pay you a good price for these items.

Junk your Car for Cash Now

Removing all of these parts might be somewhat difficult if you’ve never tried it before. If you want to junk a car for cash without going through the hassle of parting it out, give local junk car buyers a call. They can arrange for the pick up right away and pay cash for your junk car.

If you are considering  junking a car for cash, visit


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