Breakthrough Advancement in Robotic Surgery in India


Robotic surgeries are among the new technology, which holds a good breakthrough in medical science in developed nations. India is a country, which is among the emerging medical hub for various medical treatment and surgeries.  Also, considering the competitive advancements taking place in India, the country is gearing up for the advance surgeries like robotic surgery. This surgery is among the new and emerging technology, which seems to be driving the market of healthcare giving highly accurate and highly minimally invasive solutions to the patients suffering from various ailments. The developed nations like the US and the UK have been pioneer in this sector, however, India too is gearing up with several breakthrough advancements taking place in Robotic surgery in India. Now, let’s check some of areas in which robotic surgery in India is available in the following paragraphs:

What is Robotic Surgery?

Before you check the breakthrough advancements taking place in Robotic surgery in India, let’s understand this surgery in general. Robotic surgery also known as computer assisted surgery is technological developments, which support a number of surgical procedures to make it more minimally invasive and accurate. The surgeon irrespective of their expertise and experience is bound to make mistake, which is reduced to negligible level with the help of robotic surgery. Instead of directly moving the instruments, the surgeon is seen employing a computer console in order to manipulate different instruments attached to a number of robot arms. The computer simply translates the movement of surgeon, which is then carried out with the robot replicating the surgeons. Some of the other features of robotic system simply include an integrated tremor filter and the capability for scaling the movements.

Areas in which Robotic Surgery is found in India

There are several specializations in which robotic surgery is employed, which can be called as the breakthroughs of these advance level surgeries. Let’ check them out:

Urology Robotic Surgery

In urology the robotic surgery is used in the following surgical procedures:

  •     Prostatectomy: This surgery deals in removing the prostrate gland for having benign or cancerous conditions.
  •     Pyeloplasty: This robotic surgery helps in correcting the blockage in Kidney. In this surgery, you may even find radical and partial removal of tumors from the kidney.
  •     Cystectomy: In this robotic surgery, the urinary bladder is removed for having cancerous tumors and other issues.

Cardiac Robotic Surgery

The cardiac robotic surgery is witnessed for the following procedures:

  •     Mitral valve repair: This surgery is meant for female, which helps in repairing their mitral valve using robotic surgery.
  •     Cardiac surgery for blockage: This surgery helps for removing a couple of critical blockages inside the heart
  •     ASD closures surgery: It helps the patients with Pediatric ailments that take care of closing the hole in the heart.

Cancer Robotic Surgery

Though in the US, you can find more than 40 percent of cancer surgeries are being treated using several robotic procedures, however, this may be less in numbers in India but the fact is you can find it for sure here. In a sense, it makes important breakthroughs in oncology department in India. The robotic surgery for cancer is usually carried out for chest and abdomen cancers along with dealing with prostate cancer along with the cervix, uterus and ovary cancers.

General Surgery Robotic Surgery

Unlike any other procedures, robotic surgery is also employed for carrying out various general surgical procedures. This helps in reaping a number of benefits making it less invasive and better results. The following are general surgeries carried out in India via robotic approach:

  •     Robot-assisted cholecystectomy: This surgery helps in removing the gallbladder with gallstones and other issues.
  •      All the intestine surgeries
  •     Liver and Pancreatic surgical procedures
  •     Chest and Abdomen procedures and so on

ENT Robotic Surgery

Last but not the least, even the ENT surgeries also employ the approach of robotic procedures, which are as under:

  •     Oropharyngeal procedure via the Transoral route
  •     Surgery for sleep apnea the common sleep disorders


This is among the common robotic surgeries carried out in India, which can be certainly considered as an important breakthrough for medical tourists coming to this country for various medical treatments and surgeries.

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