Neolith Estatuario worktops : Know more about the Design and Information
 Neolith Estatuario worktops : Know more about the Design and Information

Summary: Neolith Estatuario is the large format, lightweight sintered stone that has a wide range of applications. While it is perfectly used for kitchen worktops, it is suitable for constructing the exterior of buildings. The Neolith worktop is a preferable choice for many home owners due to its durability, low maintenance and affordable price.

The Basic Facts about Neolith
Neolith Estatuario popularly depicts white marble and reflects the attributes of natural stone. It establishes the beauty of Carrara marble and exudes elegance with crossing veins across the white surface. It offers the innate traits of the simple and practical looks of the sintered compact surfaces.

Know about Neolith in details
Neolith products are gaining momentum with the demand of sintered surfaces on the rise. Described as the large format, lightweight sintered material; it is known for its four exclusive technologies that make it stand out of the crowd. The process of creating Neolith follows the use of recycled and natural products like a crushed stone that undergoes intense pressure and heat for creating an ultimate sturdy product. The best part is the material is available in a spree of appearances like cement, wood and stone, thus making it presentable in a variety of application choices.

Neolith and its application
The product is used for both residential and commercial purpose. Other than using it for worktops in kitchen spaces, the material is suitably using for cladding the building exterior and even for the outdoor kitchen. Owing to its UV resistance quality, the material will not erode or show signs of deterioration in its appearance as is normally caused by sun rays.

What are the 4 technologies that make Neolith so sturdy?

Sintering technology :
It helps compress 100% natural raw materials by using high temperature and pressure. The heavy pressure helps to build the mechanical and physical features that make Neolith apt for the construction company.

Full body technology:
With the aid of this technology, it helps integrate design and colour, and infuse the same in the body for creating an aesthetic appeal.

Neolith Airless Pistol Technology (NAP):
Known as NAP technology, it offers texture to the Neolith boards that make the material soft to touch. The technology gives a silky finish to the surface that renders a rich look.

Neolith Digital Design Technology:
This is effective in revolutionizing the creative possibilities by infusing a myriad of designs for richer details and subtle look.

What is the durability of Neolith?
Take a screwdriver and run it over the Neolith surface. The good news is the material will not scratch or show the least impact. Besides, it is extremely heat resistant that makes it possible to place hot pans and pots on it directly without leaving any ugly marks. In short, the material is commendably durable and is extremely easy to maintain.

Is Neolith affordable or expensive?
The cost of installing Neolith is similar to what it requires for installing mid to high-end granite. Owing to its thickness and large-sized panels, it eliminates the need for heavy grouting and joints. It should be known that the cost of Neolith depends upon its thickness. Whether you need a thin surface for your Neolith kitchen project also determines the cost. This serves an apt way of saving costs with regards to reduced demolition.

Neolith is versatile and is one of the best alternatives to other kitchen worktop materials available at present. Rest assured the Neolith worktop is here to stay and create its niche in the market.

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