How to Rent Out Your Property Successfully In a Few Simple Steps
How to Rent Out Your Property Successfully In a Few Simple Steps

Landlords have a complicated life. They have to think about many things and take care of the well-being of their property and everyone who lives in it. This is a lot of responsibility falling on only one person. No wonder that many people can't handle the pressure and just give up and sell their property. But what they don't know is that the most important part of being a landlord is to know how to let your property successful. After all, everything in life has a sequence of some kind, and we can't have the best tenants in the world if we don't know what to do to help it happen. So, let's examine which are these steps and how can they help us.

Evaluation. You can't rent your property if you don't know how much it is worth. In order to learn this information, you'll need to do a thorough evaluation of the place. Off course, you can't do that on your own. The evaluation needs to be done by someone professional who knows the value of the other properties in your area or neighbourhood. Only then you'll know with certainty and you'll be able to require the best price you can get. You could try evaluating your property on your own by searching on the internet the prices of some other similar properties, but it just wouldn't be the same. After all, the goal is to let your property as fast as you can for the best price you could get. A professional could help you with that.

Hire an estate agent. Many people feel reluctant to the idea of hiring a real estate agent to help them with the letting, but when you think it through – it makes sense and you could only benefit from the presence of one. When you're choosing an agency, you should consider their opening hours, their marketing policy, their office location and when they will be available to conduct viewings. The good real estate agent can give you some great ideas which will help you make your property better, he'll organise and prepare the apartment for the viewing and he'll find you the best possible tenants.


Property management. Many people underestimate the importance of the property management. If you want to let your property successfully you should consider it very seriously. It's a fact that most tenants nowadays prefer to rent properties which are managed. This gives them a feeling of security and very often they are ready to pay a higher price to get it. If you want to attract these tenants, you should make the property management happen. You should also find a good property inventory services company, because this will give the potential tenants the needed information about what is situated in the apartment and what's its condition. I'm sure many renters would appreciate it.

Present your property correctly. Before you start presenting your property to potential renters, you should make sure that it looks the best way it can. The first impression is important, and the tenants see everything in detail. In order to make our property look great, you should clean all the clutter from the rooms and clean every corner until it sparks. You should also consider repainting the apartment and arranging the furniture in a nice way. You should probably try to make the property look modern, but classical in the same time. And if you want to protect your property from stains and damage caused by tenants, you should add a clause for mandatory bond cleaning at the end of lease to the agreement.

Prepare the property for tenants. Every landlord's dream is to finally have tenants in their property. But having them there can be dangerous for your place. They can turn out to be bad tenants and damage everything in your apartment. It's good to be prepared for that kind of threat at any time.

Marketing. If you want to rent your property successfully and quickly, you should really consider how to advertise your property. How will people even know that you're giving an apartment for rent otherwise? Most real estate agencies provide a marketing package when you hire them. This includes advertisements in newspapers, in some of the most popular social networks, on their website, and many other ways, which may guarantee that more people will see what you're offering. If you don't want to use an agency like that, you could try to advertise your property by yourself. Tell your friends that you're looking for tenants, call the local newspaper and post it on Facebook or any other social network you can think of. Just be careful when you use the internet, because you may attract some bad tenants. Be careful when you interview them.

Open house. If you have difficulties finding tenants, the open house could be a very good idea which will help you attract more people. The idea of the open house is to invite potential tenants personally and give them the opportunity to be the only people viewing the apartment at the moment. This gives the renters the feeling of personal connection and interest in them, which is a very useful technique for convincing them to take the place. All the real estate agencies organise this kind of events for people who want to invest more of their personal time in presenting their property to clients.

Receiving offers. After you've done all the preparations needed in order to let your property successfully, there comes a time when you'll be receiving offers from tenants who want to rent the place. If you're letting the property through an agency, the offers will be received there, and you'll be contacted and told only the best ones. It will be your right and responsibility to pick the one you think would be the best one for you and your property. Maybe you should even interview the candidates to see which ones you will like the most and after that make your decision.

Accepting an offer. When you have finally completed the search and picked up the suitable tenants, you should just accept their offer, prepare all the documents and complete the process of letting. In order to finalise everything, you should ask the tenants for an extensive list of references. After that you should write the tenancy agreement and sign it. Make sure you add a moving in report, so the tenants can familiarise themselves with the items in the property you're letting them and their condition in the moment of the moving in. After that you should collect the first rent and the security deposit. After you make sure that all the documents are in order, you can proceed to the last step needed to let your property successfully.

Completion. This is the last step of the letting process and it means that you've done everything correctly in the previous steps. The process is completed when the keys to the property are given to the tenants in the moving in day.

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