Freedom and the Independent Writer
Freedom and the Independent Writer

As a new writer I find myself constantly looking and researching the endless possibilities on the tricks of the trade of "how to write" and what is the latest scoop in the various markets in demand for new and experienced writers.

The explosion of "how to" books has never been easier to access ranging from free newsletters on the web to paid publications; books in various genre’s; the numerous courses available on and off line, and the opportunity to study from home at your leisure or attending a course offered at a local campus. If you're a student, you can find helpful tips on how to write a critical analysis of a book, if you need to write an essay. But what about creative writing classes? Just how much do you need or want to know? They say information is the best-known commodity resource needed to survive.

To say the least I became overwhelmed and caught up in the craze of the maze with my writing endeavors, a dream I elected to create into a reality. I had to take a step back in time and ask myself these very questions in hopes of a sensible resolution.

Which path will it be that takes me to the golden route of success?
Does such a road exist?
How successful do I want to become?
What is my favorite genre I would like to write?
What do I want to express as a writer?
Do I want to be paid to write or do I just want to express myself and leave a byline?
What would I do if I ever became successful?
Why do I want to write?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Unfortunately, there was no logical explanation. I just wanted to write! Call it – self-Satisfaction, a need from within! I have diversified interests!

I believe it was fortunate that I come to realize this viewpoint. I am writing for me! I am an independent writer and the freedom of this independence in itself is self gratifying. It nourishes the hunger within and allows the creative voice to grow stronger. There is no book or course out there that offers this kind of freedom in my honest opinion.

It is up to me how I want that voice to be heard and who will hear it. It is totally up to me
whether I want to be paid to express that voice or if I just want to share it voluntarily, in contribution and in hopes of inspiring someone else!

During the earlier stages of my adulthood, writing was something I always enjoyed but never actually pursued in terms of business or consideration for publication of same. It was a childhood dream or fantasy. One that is was mine to keep or to share if I wanted. I could pick it up or leave it at anytime, at will.

Sure there some rules, like punctuation, grammar, style and clarity, albeit there are no rules when it comes to expressing the voice within, a creativity process of flow unbounded by rules. There are no two voices alike in my honest opinion. Sure you can try to sound like someone, an idol that you have for instance, or a famous author, but is that really you?

To fulfill this need is a challenge alone and one that is inspirational. There are no age requirements, no deadlines or experience necessary. In retrospect, there is a point to this very message I am relaying to you in my written words of expression. Whenever you are feeling defeated or down or suddenly panic stricken and ready to give up, stop take a time out and ask yourself seriously, "Who are you writing for"? And don’t give up that thought nor walk away from your inspirational voice.

It’s easy to give up and surrender. Fight for your right of the freedom to write and you will succeed knowing you conquered the battle of fear and lack of self-confidence. In return for your perseverance and courage you will have gained a much stronger writing voice and the wisdom and freedom of when and how to use that voice. If you have a passion for writing then you will know, that walking away and giving up is just not allowed to be a part of your dream that you are so diligently striving to turn into reality. An honest realistic goal that you and you only are in control of creating and conquering.

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