5 Types of Single Bed Designs for a Good Night Sleep
5 Types of Single Bed Designs for a Good Night Sleep

When it comes to choosing a bed, there are a lot of things to consider. Durability, size, storage space and most importantly design.
When we think of a bed, we think of comfort, style and hours of sleep. We all have a standard picture of a bed which pops in our mind whenever we plan to buy a new bed.

Our bed is an important part of life. We spend one-third of our lives asleep. So, it should be selected with extra care, as it is important for our mental and physical health.

Understanding the single bed design will help you to make the right decision and can figure out what type of bed you want for your space.
Below the article you will discover 5 single bed designs, so, read on and choose which is a perfect fit for you.

1. Trundle Bed: - This type of bed is a great way to save space. This makes it a great choice for the people living in a tiny apartment or in a small bedroom. Now let’s talk about the design of this trundle bed, it is a small moveable bed, that can be fixed under another bed frame. So, it’s like, a pair of two bed; one-bed frame is smaller than the other, as it rolled under the bigger bed frame. And, these can also be separated into two, when guest arrives. The design of this bed makes it the most functional piece of furniture.

2. Bunk Bed: - When looking for a new bed for children, it is important to understand the size and design of the bed and by not limiting yourself from a small single bed. Bunk Beds are the best for the young siblings who are sharing a room. This is the most practical piece of furniture for rooms with limited space.
The design consists of layers of two-bed frames with each lying on the top by the support of a ladder. This type of bed is quite a hit among children. You will find an assortment of bunk beds in terms of size, style and design online and in the offline market. Wooden bunk beds are the most famous and white seems to be the latest trend.

3. Divan Bed: - These are a versatile solution for the people looking for something simple and multifunctional. The best part is mostly divan beds include built-in storage which makes it perfect if you have limited space. Again, a lot of varieties are available in this type of bed from design to storage to material.

4. Sleigh Bed: - This style of a bed is famous for its bold statement. These feature a wide headboard with sleek curves at the top and a footboard which is larger than the usual beds. This bed come in recent years within a contemporary design scheme as these have a contemporary and sophisticated feel. The design of this bed gives the touch of antique and vintage touch to your room.

5. Upholster Bed: - The design of this type of bed is a bed frame which is covered within a soft material and often incorporates the cushioning. It’s like button which is tufted deep into the soft material to give more depth and texture. Upholster beds comes in a vast range of fabrics and colors which can be both chic a cozy. So, it is easy to find something which can easily fit in your style from velvet to leather to bold hues to light hues.

Conclusion: - Choosing a bed is all about personal preference and taste as getting the right sleep is essential for anybody. And, nowadays there are lots of online portals available which offers you with the option of customization, also, so you can use your creativity according to your preference and add happiness in form of furniture.

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