Why choose a marble mantelpiece for your home?
Why choose a marble mantelpiece for your home?

Sophisticated and eye-catching Contemporary fireplaces are a must for any living room and marble fireplaces are the best option for any homeowner who wants to give his or her living room a sophisticated yet elegant effect.

Give your living room a sophisticated ambiance with one of these contemporary, modern, and high-quality Contemporary fireplaces that are available in a great variety of options to choose from like:

  • Balanced flue fireplaces
  • Marble mantelpieces
  • Bellfires
  • Rais Gas Range
  • Bio Ethanol Fires
  • Flueless Fires

These modern gas fires are highly energy efficient and are capable of generating a warm and cozy atmosphere that you are surely going to enjoy. Installing a fireplace in your home’s free space looks eye-catching and enhances your home’s visual appeal to the visitors. These modern and sleek contemporary gas fires are also available in antique, vintage, and traditional styles for traditional homes. Whether your home has a chimney or not, you can easily install a gas fireplace almost anywhere you want.

Marble with its crisp white color is a highly durable, heat resistant, diverse, and classy material that is popular for its elegance and majestic visual appeal. Stylish fireplaces that are made of marble hearths and back panels not just look unique, but also are highly efficient to generate warm and cozy heat. Marble made fireplaces last longer than other fireplaces and come in a wide variety of both modern and traditional styles. Hence, you should check out an outstanding collection of traditional and contemporary Marble mantelpieces and balanced flue fireplaces that come in a great variety of styles to please your taste and get the best marble fireplace for your living room today!

Bell fireplaces have been popularly bought by homeowners for many years now. If you are refurbishing your old home or you are renovating your home or you are designing your new home’s interiors, then don’t forget to buy a perfect fit custom fireplace mental for your home’s living room or bedroom. Check out the huge range of stunning looking Bellfires fireplaces with no restrictions in chimney size, mental shape, and designing style. From Marble mantelpieces to balanced flue fireplaces, all types of fireplaces are available in a comprehensive range of sizes, shapes, styles, and designs. Here you will find 2-sided, 3-sided, antique, portrait and landscape fireplace models as well as modern freestanding contemporary fireplaces that are extremely affordable. Many of these models can be custom made with natural stone fire or a wide selection of tailor-made outer frames in order to enhance the visual appearance of the fire. Check out the range today and choose the best one for your home!

Nothing is more comfortable than relaxing in a cozy home. We all have dreamt about building the perfect home for ourselves, our kids and our loved ones. Most people find a traditional fireplace with heavy marble mantelpiece atop, to be a grand view. In fact, it is a mark of sophistication.

But modern homes with very little spaces and new modular equipment’s have very little space for anything else. So don’t worry if you don’t have a chimney. The new range of Bell Fireplacesfrom Marble Hill fireplaces is efficient, fancy, easy to install and comes with none of the hazards and troubles of an open gas fire.

  1. They can be easily installed in a surrounding, and comes with attractive flame patterns to give it a life like appearance.
  2. The fireplaces can be viewed from all sides.
  3. The room divider range from Bell fires is a fireplace installed on a wall between two rooms and can viewed clearly from both.
  4. These are efficient options, and room sealed appliances that do not come with any of the distortions in the flame patterns like a traditional gas fire.

At MarbleHills, you will get a fantastic selection of marble balanced flue gas fires from some of the best manufacturers around that are available in both traditional and contemporary designs. So, if you are confused about which type of fireplace will be perfect for your living room, then take a look at the below points!

While traditionally styles marble mantelpieces offer high flames from the burning wood, contemporary fireplaces offer stylized flames within a closed glass or metal boundary. Both types of fireplaces offer the same warmth and comfort but they look totally different from each other. While contemporary and modern fireplaces look simple, traditional styles fireplaces carry more detailed work in the designing. Both styles offer different types of beauty and both of them are equally efficient.

Whether you want a traditional marble fireplace or something more modern, you’ll find all types of fireplaces in Marblehill’s exclusive collection. Hence, check the entire collection today!

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