Enhance your child's learning with Phonics
Enhance your child

Have you ever got corrected by someone immediately when you pronounced a word wrong? I am
sure, yes, and Instantly, it brings an embarrassment. And you wish you had a strong base of learning
from the beginning to decode any word with ease, today. Definitely, you never want this to be
repeated with your child. But you can have an amazing source of learning for your kids with
Cedarwood afterschool phonics classes in Pune, which is for primary and pre-primary pupils.

Lately, communication is considered as the basic trait of anyone’s personality. Many times your kid
generally likes to talk and sounds as chatter-box but you see him as a hidden future professional
conversationist like a lawyer, counselor, anchorperson, educationist or any aspiring career for the
little human. But Apparently, every profession is unsuccessful without language expertise. Moreover,
to beautify your words it has to sound and pronounced right too.

Why Phonics only?

Without a strong foundation, we cannot form a firm building. To let your child, hold a great
understanding of any subject, it is important for the child to have significant reading skills first from
the start only. Phonics is exactly the foundation that one needs, which helps to strengthen reading
capabilities over the English language at the beginning days of your tiny humans. It imbibes the
confidence to spell and sound words efficiently, as they master to decode every word themselves.

What exactly it is?
Technically phonics is a method to inculcate the speakers to read, spell, understand and pronounce
the words by correlating the sounds and symbols for English. Little humans learn the connection
between the words written and sounds pronounced with the support of phonetics or phonics.
Usually, the adults, with the cleverness avoid speaking the words that they are not sure of the
pronunciation. And this happens when they are unaware of the phonetics. Introducing the amazing
technique at the tender age to the students will turn them easily into compelling speakers.
By now you must be agreed to the importance of phonetics for every learning child and also know;
what is it, why should you introduce it to your beginners, at this level? Nonetheless, you should also
know how it enhances the learning abilities also by introducing them to phonics classes in Pune with

Good speaker- if you are fond of listening to only reputed English news channels like BBC for
their perfect usage of words or flattered by the influencing speakers like Bill Gates, Brack Obama
and for that matter Mr. Shashi Tharoor too or any other favorite public personality. Then, you must
have observed their speeches are a perfect blend of accurate grammar, right usage of words, correct
intonations and great vocabulary. The right reading capabilities bring a better flow of words, a
seamless thought process and great delivery of letters- sound. These all are the traits of a good

Knowledge and vocabulary- Every time students learn a new sound, new word, they are curious
to know the meaning of the words too "what is it called becomes what does it mean". The effort to
ask, search and confirm and so they learn, imbibe and speak in general too.
Confidence- when knowledge increases the value increases and when the value increases the
appreciation and acknowledgment too, so, notably the confidence of tiny learners. While phonics
will help learn language expertise which will lead to knowledge but the icing on the cake is, the
environment at our learning place where student’s interaction with each other as well as with
instructors are so encouraging that it is a constant boost to the confidence. Learning becomes

Excel in other subjects too - the bonus of learning phonics is; it helps you excel everywhere. We
do not limit it, as a process of decoding of words but a medium to create curiosity to learn and know
from their age learning books and areas. Since most of all the other subjects are also fortunately
described in English, globally. It allows the kids to read everything easily. Because of the inculcated
habit of reading, decoding and knowing new words, searching for their meanings spark curiosity in
them for every subject they read.

The Module and Activity
Cedarwood has designed a course module with many interesting activities to engage with fun and
smart learning. We begin with single letter words and their individual sound, while also adding
practical and interactive sessions. An array of books by elected authors benefit the process with
good reading habits and a faster learning process.
The worthy Program Director Vandana Ahuja’s Insights have done wonders for many students, as
well as may parents and teacher. Workshops are also conducted for parents.

Notably, it is a compelling course for your little ones and so the results would be, for an influencing
Have Happy Learning.

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