How will Scrap Car Buyers pay you?

If you are trying to sell your junk car for cash, there are a few options available to you.

First, you can sell your car to an individual buyer. This option is exercised by a vast majority of people. It includes posting an online classified on websites such as Craigslist, eBay. As a junk car owner, take photos of your car, post an ad, and wait for an interested buyer to contact you. Unfortunately, this would rarely happen as private buyers aren’t interested to pay cash for junk cars.

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Next, you can take your used car to a dealership for a trade-in. It turns out the same way as trying to sell your junk car for cash to private buyers. Dealerships generally are least interested to pay cash for junk cars.

The best option to junk your car for cash involves working with professional scrap car buyers. You can choose either a junkyard, scrap yard, or a specialized junk car buyer like Junk the Car. If you take this route, you might wonder how much will a junkyard pay for your old car?

How Scrap Car Buyers Determine Price

After choosing a junk car buyer, your next move is to Get a Quote to find the value of your car. To assess the value of your junk car, a junkyard takes into consideration a number of factors. Each of the factors plays an important role in the decision-making process.

Vehicle Year

The vehicle year is an important factor in determining the price of your car. If your junk car is 20 or 30 years old, it’s worth less than a recently manufactured car. If your car is a new model, its value is determined based upon its hypothetical value at an auto auction. But if your car is older or broken, then this kind of pricing won’t apply.

Make, Model, and Condition

These factors interact with each other, as well as with the year of the car, in determining the worth of your car. If your car is relatively new, and in good condition, then the make and model will have an impact on its valuation. The value is once again based on the car’s price if it were auctioned off. However, if the car’s condition is poor, the make and model will not have much impact on the value.

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Vehicle Weight

If your junk car is old, beaten up, worn out, and rusty, then its value is determined by its weight. The value of a scrap car is determined by assessing the amount of scrap metal in your car. The amount of scrap metal is priced based upon the current price of scrap metal. After calculating the price, a junkyard is able to quote you an offer for your car.

If you are out to sell your junk car, don’t get scammed by a local junkyard or scrap yard. A lot of them will charge an extra fee, and ask you to pay for towing your junk car.

Instead, you should call professional scrap car buyers in your area to get the best offer. To learn more about selling your scrap car, visit

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