Freestanding TV Unit or Wall-Mounted Tv Unit Design? Trust What’s Your Gut Says
Freestanding TV Unit or Wall-Mounted Tv Unit Design? Trust What’s Your Gut Says

Imagine a bedroom without a bed? Sounds odd? Same as the living room without the “idiot box”. And if there is serious thought about the entertainment box, you definitely ought to have a perfect design of Tv unit for it. The tv cabinet designs are perfect for giving a desired nook to your idiot box and at the same time provides ample of space to store all your living room essentials.
So, for all those people who have/ had gone through the discussions on the design of TV units or treat it as a deep concern, this write-up is your right to browse. I have penned down below about all you need to know regarding a TV unit design for a living room.

Not to Miss a Brief Intro: The design of a TV unit can be characterized into two main categories, and that is, a TV stand design and a wall mounted Tv unit designs. Below is a comparison between both the designs to make the right choice as per your choices:

Freestanding TV Unit Design

Freestanding tv unit design, people prefer buying because it gives them additional storage spaces to keep the accessories linked to the entertainment box.
A TV unit design is undoubtedly the flexible option, concerning its placement in the specific room. For an example, my neighbour, who recently opted for a tv unit design online who has no option for inserting screws in the walls, the tv stand design serves to be an ideal solution for her.

The different TV stand designs online include one with casters for easy replacement, one with shelves for display and another like a TV cabinet for keeping stuff in an organised way. This design offers more in respect to storage as compared to a wall mounted Tv unit design.

Wall Mount Tv Unit Designs

Wall mounted tv unit designs for the living room has its own benefits in its tray.
And, one of the biggest benefits of having these designs is its simple and sleek lines with minimalistic details and of course the space-saving functionalities. This type of tv unit design offers display options while also saves the available floor space.
Unlike the Tv furniture, the wall mounted TV unit design provides space for other things like an additional seating couch or the side table. The minimal space taken by the wall mounted tv unit design can also prevent in occurring of various accidents. Moreover, this design can also prevent television from damage.
At last, each has its own features. Let's compare and find out the one that suits best:

When it Comes to Aesthetics: The Tv stand design is good for the match with Indian home decor. On the other hand, a wall mounted TV Unit design gives the contemporary, glossy and much-updated look.

Space Requirement is another Important Concern: It's clear from the fact that tv cabinet design takes up more space while wall mounted tv unit design occupies less space.

Portability is the Fringe Benefit to Grab: Tv stand design raises the millions of brows in this case when it comes to re-shifting and portability. It is an epitome of ease and convenience. While taking out a Wall-mounted TV Unit design is quite tough.

Everything has its own pros and cons! With all the points described above, its a high time to decide what’s your gut says?

#A Tip to Remember: Whether TV Stand or a Wall Mounted TV Unit design, the amenities of both these designs can serve you best in wooden tv unit designs:

Conclusion: When deciding about tv unit designs, the vast amount of styles and materials available to you can be overwhelming. So, before finalizing the design, do the proper research. Compare and contrast styles and brands. That way, you increase your chances of selecting the TV unit design that works best for you and your current home decor motif.



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