Tips to Crack Student Visa Interview
Tips to Crack Student Visa Interview

When you plan to go for international education, there are multiple steps of preparation that you have to go through before you reach the college or university you are aiming for. Though usually the last step, visa interviews are really important and can actually become the deciding factor for whether you will be able to go to your desired country or not.


Now, student visa interviews are conducted by quite a few major countries – USA and Germany carry out the visa interviews as a mandatory part of the procedure while other countries including Canada, UK, and Australia hold conditional visa interviews depending on the strength and completeness of your student visa application.


The purpose of the interview is to basically evaluate if the student has a genuine interest in studying abroad and can survive on foreign land. So, keep this last minute check-list handy before going for a visa interview to make sure that you do not miss out on anything that will lead to unfavorable results.


Keep all the required documents in place


You will get a list of all the documents that you will be required to take along with you to the visa office a few days before your scheduled interview. They would need documents to verify your personal information, your qualification background, and your financial status. Make sure that you carry all your original documents.


Be conscious about your authenticity


The visa officers are experts who are generally quite good at detecting your lies. Try and keep your answers as short and clear as possible. In case you do not understand a question, politely ask the person in front of you to rephrase it. Under no conditions, you should risk giving an incorrect or ambiguous answer during your visa interview.


Be thorough with your knowledge about your course and university


The interviewer is surely going to ask a few questions about the course you want to take up there and the university you wish to study in. Your answers should reflect your interest in the course and the cultural exposure that you will get on foreign land. You can talk about how that course will help you develop your skills and your home country if you choose to come back to have a job.


Be prepared for the question – “Why can’t you study the same subjects in India?”


Whatever your reason might be for studying abroad. Be it unavailability of the course in India, refined course strategy available abroad, cultural exposure or better networking opportunities, just make sure that you are prepared to explain it. Do some research and get tangible data to support your answer and make it more convincing.


Be clear about your funding and sponsorships


Visa interviewers would be more interested in sending somebody abroad for studies who can fund their own tuition fees and living expenditures rather than depending solely on the option of a part-time job in that country. If you are going on the self-sponsorship basis, then be ready to explain all your sources of funds and in case you have a scholarship from the university you have applied it, then be prepared to present the scholarship documents at the time of your interview.


To get through the interview you can even get in touch with some of the renowned visa consultants. We at Southern Seas Education, as a visa consultant for abroad education in Pune work as a one-stop solution for Australian visa consultants, UK visa consultants, and student visa support for all countries including all supporting advising solution.

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