Methods to Clean a Chimney
Methods to Clean a Chimney

Chimney cleaning is not a child’s task. The work is tedious and risky. You require special tools to do the task. You can do research online about the types and utilisation of the various tools of chimney cleaning. The tools are available in the market. The retailers can help you choose the right ones.

You can shop online too, but for that, you have to gather some knowledge of them. It’s better if you have already done the cleaning before. Also, examine the chimney. Do a measurement of the opening with the help of a tape. It will help you avail the most crucial tool that is appropriate for your chimney like the wire chimney brush.

You have to make sense of what a chimney actually is and how it looks and works. You will get many wire chimney brushes in the current market such as rectangle, round, square, etc. You will get various sizes.

Four methods of chimney cleaning are there.

You need:

  • Chimney brush rods

  • Rope to pull things and get support

  • Chimney brush

  • Fireplace cover

  • Mirror

  • Drape cloth

  • Tarp

  • Tape

  • Shovel

  • Broom

  • Metal bucket

  • Flashlight

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Ladder

  • Face mask for avoiding dust

  • Goggles

  • Apron

The ladder is optional as you need it depending on your chosen cleaning method. If you are applying the “bottom-up” method, you won’t have to use a ladder. You can select the indoor cleaning method if you are not comfortable climbing on the rooftop. The indoor method is very dirty. The dirt, creosote, soot, ash, etc. get into the air and the furniture. Hence, you can’t forget your drop cloths and tarps if you are using the indoor method.

Now, getting to the chimney cleaning steps:

Four basic methods are there:

The top-down/rod method:

This particular method requires the person to be on the roof. After the insertion of the rod into the chimney’s opening. You can use the chimney brush for cleaning the inside walls of the chimney through raising and lowering the specific brush. The brush should be linked to the flexible metal rods. Additional rods can be added for extended the brush’s length while getting further down the distinct chimney. This method includes the least amount of clean-up inside the home. You have the permit to close off the opening to the fireplace within the house that will help to contain the debris and suit.

The Weight Method:

This particular method the same set-up as the flexible top-down rod method. Here, instead of linking the chimney brush to the flexible metal rods, you have to use rope, weights and pull rings. You have to assemble the pull rings and rope and then adding a weight of minimum nine kilograms to the brush, furthering to raising and lowering the brush for scrubbing the chimney’s internal walls. With this particular method, you have to close off the fireplace that is opening to your house that allows for more contained clean up.

The bottom-up rod method:

This specific method is quite similar to the model of the top down rod. You have to work from the fireplace starting from the opening within the house. You have to work from the bottom up to the chimney’s top. You don’t have to climb the roof. Yet, the process is messy as you have no way to seal off the fireplace’s opening. You have to be sure that you are using plenty of tarps and the drop cloths for keeping the nearby furniture and floor cleaning.

The Dual-Line Method:

This particular method involves two people. A rope and the pull ring are connected to both the brush’s ends. A person takes the rope and the brush onto the house’s roof. Hold one end of the rope. Drop the entire set-up down the chimney. The other cleaning partner has to remain in the house at the opening of the fireplace. He/she has to grab the rope’s other end. Each person has to take turns pulling the rope to move the brush up and down for scrubbing the chimney’s internal walls.

In this method, the fireplace opening cannot be sealed off. Hence, it is messy. You need to use drop cloths and tarps for keeping the nearby flooring and furniture clean.

These are the methods you can follow according to your requirement and choice.

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