Tire Guide 101: Features You Need to Consider Before Purchasing Your First Tire

When it is time for you to buy your first tire, there are probably a couple of things you are hoping to get with your purchase. Unfortunately, the reality might be far different from what you would expect.

Even though we have come a long way in creating enhanced tire features over the years, there are still many things that we have yet to achieve. So, if you are looking for a tire with a long-term tread life, precise handling features, or anything that can improve your gas mileage, you are most likely not going to find all of these features in one tire.

What exactly do you need to do to ensure that your tire has the most critical features intact before you make a purchase? Here are some tips you can look into:

High Tractions and Tread Life

Tires with high traction are incredibly appealing to drivers. The tire consists of unique compounds that help them grab onto the road, while also providing reduced stopping and sharp cornering. However, this also means that tires like these will have a short life span and are the most common tires to be exposed to quick wear and tear. 

That is why drivers often consider purchasing tires with an extended tread life. The only difference is that they have a less flexible and stiffer tread that does not grip the road quite as well as a high traction tire. So, depending on your driving needs, you have the option to pick what best fits your needs.

Smooth Tires or Precise Handling

If you are looking for more precision when driving, you will find tires with accurate controllability to be the ideal ones for you. With stiff sidewalls, it is much easier to drive with more accuracy. However, this does make your ride more annoying with loud road noise, and the drive becomes less smooth.

It is when sidewalls are more flexible that the ride becomes more comfortable and much quieter. Both kinds of tires are well made and are completely safe. This is why you can choose between driving with more comfort or sacrifice that comfort with better precision.

There are still many other features that you need to comprehend in depth to understand which tire you should consider purchasing for your vehicle. In that case, it always helps to investigate further with professionals in that specific field who can guide you – a prime example is the highly acclaimed customer-direct tire retailing company, Priority Tire, LLC.

With headquarters in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Priority Tire was founded in 2018 as the sister company of VCY Tires. The company is known for providing exceptional customer service, free shipping of tire products to 48 states in the United States. Moreover, they also offer a large variety of quality tires from prestigious brands like Goodyear, Firestone, and BF Goodrich.

It was in 2021 that Priority Tire was listed as one the best places for purchasing tires at reasonable prices online. Additionally, the team at Priority Tire believes it is crucial to empower the public with the knowledge they need to understand regarding tires, including the kind of tire features they need to look into when purchasing a tire fit for their driving needs.

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