Best Hearing Aids of the year 2021

Best Hearing Aids of the year 2021

Only one out of five individuals with hearing loss actually seek the help of a hearing aid. This is because of a wide range of reasons, the most common of them being the lack of awareness on the topic, inability to find the right hearing aids, the expense of the hearing aid, and not recognizing a failure in the hearing process. Below given is a list of some of the best hearing aids of the year 2021 and their features, so that before heading to a hearing aid store nearby, it becomes easy for you to choose the one that suits you best: 


1. Widex Moment  

If you are someone suffering from Tinnitus, then the Widex Moment hearing aids would be perfect for you. The brand uses Widex Zen Technology to produce a soothing Zen sound, which is said to ease the tinnitus situation and calm the ringing in the ears. Their price falls anywhere between $2,798 and $4,598 and has a three-year manufacturer's guarantee. 


2. Phonak Paradise 

The best thing about Phonak Paradise is that of the auto-sense technology. It automatically senses the sound of the environment and makes adjustments accordingly. The price falls between $2,698 and $4,798 and you get loads of features along with it such as the Roger wireless technology. 


3. Signia Styletto X 

As one of the highest-rated hearing aids, the Signia Styletto X can be the perfect hearing aid for you if you choose the receiver-in-canal model. It has Qi wireless charging technology and the chargeable charging case has proven to hold a charge for over 3 days. The price starts from $1,808 which is quite affordable compared to other hearing aids. So, that’s a win-win situation! 


4. Starkey Livio Custom Edge AI

If you are someone with a hearing loss issue, you might have experienced a lot of falling. This is quite common for someone with the issue and the Starkey Livio AI hearing aids can help you with this. $2,898 - $4,098 is the price range of this hearing aid and has a 3 years manufacturer guarantee. 


5. Eargo Neo Hifi 

If it is an invisible hearing aid that you are looking for, then the Eargo Neo Hifi can be your apt choice. It is an in-canal hearing aid but doesn’t give you that stuffed feel because of how small they are. Noise reduction and a natural hearing experience are some of its plus points. $1,500 - $2,950 is the price range of the same. 


6. Kirkland Signature 10

With universal Bluetooth streaming and rechargeable batteries, the Kirkland Signature 10 hearing aids is one of the most affordable hearing aids, available at a price of $1,399 a pair. They are currently available only at Costco stores though. 


7. Audicus

Starting at a price as low as $998, the Audicus hearing aids offer both battery-powered and rechargeable options for customers to choose from. They also offer a free online hearing test once you upload your audiogram results. The right hearing aid that is customized for your unique needs will be suggested by the company. 


8. Signia CROS Pure Charge & Go X

With 6 customizable programs and 48 channels to choose from, the Signia CROS Pure Charge & Go X becomes one of the best hearing aids that is a receiver-in-canal device for the customers. The price range for this hearing aid ranges from $2,898 to $4,598 and has rechargeable batteries as well. 


9. MD Hearing Aid

If you are looking for an affordable hearing aid with decent features, then the MD hearing aid would be your best choice. Starting at just $400, this hearing aid offers features like noise reduction, customized hearing settings, and feedback cancellation.


10. Signia Silk 

With an ear-to-ear wireless feature and a 3-year manufacturer's warranty, Signia Silk continues to be one of the most loved hearing aids of all time. This is an in-the-ear hearing aid and gives an invisible fit to the user. The price of the same lies in between $2,898 and $4,398.


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