What Are The Signs Your Volkswagen Transmission Is Going Out in Rowlett?

Among the several components of Volkswagen, the transmission is the one that is more prone to damages than other components. In general, transmission is the most neglected and underappreciated component in the car. Neglecting it for longer may cause severe damages to the transmission.

To run the engine smoothly, the transmission needs to function efficiently. Moreover, it can multiply the engine torque to produce the necessary power for spinning the wheels at varying gear ratios. Due to any reasons, if you notice that the transmission is damaged, then you have to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the failed transmission is a nightmare for many car owners. When it is failed, you will notice several abnormalities in Volkswagen. Moreover, the signs can be varied depending on the severity of the problem. The following points define the signs of failed transmission in Volkswagen.

Leaking transmission fluid

Thus, the transmission needs the right amount of fluid for lubricating the transmission components and running them efficiently. The gear engagement needs the hydraulic fluid in the car. But, when the transmission fluid is leaking, it is overheated the transmission automatically and fails it eventually.

Moreover, the transmission fluid leakages in a car are identified and diagnosed easily through its sweet scent and bright red color. Over time, the smell will become darker in color. So, when you will notice a pool of liquid under the car, check the leaks as soon as possible.

Jerking, grinding or shaking

In general, the failed transmission will cause shaking, jerking, and grinding problems in the car. Moreover, a small problem within the manual transmission of the car can cause gear grinding conditions. While shifting gears, the failed automatic transmission will cause a sort of hesitation in a car which is defined as a transmission slipping.

Over time, the car will start to shake or tremble while changing the gears. If you hear the clunking noise from the engine and transmission mounts when changing gears, then inspect the transmission immediately. Due to other reasons, you will also notice these problems in the car, so determine the root problem by an expert mechanic.

Slipping gears

Thus, the blown transmission will create gear slipping problems while shifting the gears. Moreover, gear slipping problems are also found in both automatic and manual transmission cars. But, modern cars have the limp mode that can alert the driver from recklessly driving with a damaged transmission.

At this point, when the computer system detects any problems with the transmission your car doesn't shift between gears and will only operate in one gear. For safety concerns, if you notice that the car doesn't respond suddenly or slips between the gears, then take it to a reputed mechanic to repair the transmission ASAP.

Unusual sounds

Due to numerous reasons, the car will produce a lot of noise depending on the make and model of the vehicle. If you found that the sound is extremely new, then without any delay take your car to a reputed local transmission repair shop for determining the problem.

But, if you notice some unusual sounds from the car like buzzing, clunking, humming, and whining sound, then check the transmission immediately. In general, the bad automatic transmission is producing harsher mechanical noises. At this point, you have to diagnose the problem for preventing other problems.

Lack of response

If the automatic transmission of the Volkswagen is damaged, then you may feel a delay in shifting before engaging the gears. On the other hand, the lack of response may disconnect the engine RPM and speed in the manual transmission. Therefore, the acceleration is lower down and produces unusual sounds from the engine.

So, when you will notice a lack of response to the gears of your car, bring it to a reputed mechanic for diagnosing the transmission and replacing it for preventing gear shifting problems further.


To prevent expensive transmission replacements, it's always advisable to check the transmission problems before they get worse. At this point, you have to monitor the transmission fluid level and the unusual noises produced from it.

If you are currently living in Rowlett, then consult with a reputed and professional Audi mechanic to check the transmission and fix it accordingly.

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