Here's How to Login into Ubee dvw3201b Router

Ubee has been making some of the finest routers and modems for years. Their latest modem dvw3201b is really a DOCSIS 3.0 certified router which is included with RJ45 ethernet ports. As users, we frequently face issues with inadequate login user interface, speed issues, compatibility problems and issues with ports along with antenna.

With all the Ubee dvw3201b, users won't have some issues with connectivity considering how easy it's to make sure your devices are connected with each other and also you can login to change the settings. Whether you are going to use the modem for that first time or an existing user, our guide on login will help you resolve any issues.

Login Steps for Ubee Dvw3210b

To login into DVW3201B, you need the following things

  • Your local system with internet
  • Ensure your system is laptop or a desktop where you can access an browser
  • The router's box to know the default username and password

Step 1: Open your Browser

To access the login page, you might be required to enter an IP address in the URL of your browser. Every router includes its own IP address. In case there is Ubee router, you need to enter the address or even in your browser.

PS: When doing so step, your system should be connected for this Ubee Wi Fi

Step Two: Login into Ubee DVW3201B Router

Once you enter the login address, you are going to see the login page for Ubee router. Here, you need to enter the username and password to be able to move farther.

In case you happen to be using this router for that first time, you should have to enter the default credentials for your router.

  • Default Username: user
  • Default Password: user

When you have already changed the username and password password and then can't remember the details. Simply reset the router by doing a long press-and-hold on reset button for 15 seconds using a pin or even a clip.

Step 3: Changing the Ubee routers default settings

On entering the correct credentials, you will see that the home display for dvw3201b router where you can change settings like SSID, username, password and other important settings

To change default login and password for Ubee dvw3201b, follow these steps:

In your home page of router login page, see for that programs option located in the menu bar on top

Currently look for password option located in the left side of this menu bar. Here you can change the default password

Some suggestions while you change the password:

  • Make sure your password remains strong and of 1-5 personalities
  • Your password should include alphanumeric characters
  • It should not be associated with private details
  • It should be easy yet hard to guess
  • To Change SSID

SSID is your name you see for wi fi channels when we open the wifi option on our own devices. You should change the default SSID since it may be easy for hackers to access and also execute changes.

Search for your Wireless option located in menu bar at the top of this Ethernet

See the network located in the left side. Inside, you may see the option called Network Name(SSID) for ubee DVW3201B.

PS: Don't use any exclusive information for your SSID, Make it user friendly.

Problems and their Solutions

1. Ubee dvw3201b password is not working

It might happen as a result of two reasons. Either you are not using the correct default password you have forgotten the password you already changed. In either casethe best means would be always to user the default password first and it can be"user" else reset the router using a pin by pressing the reset button for 15 seconds.

2. Forgot password for Ubee DVW3201B router

You should ideally find the newspaper or source where you may have written your password. In case, you don't then reset the router by long press-and-hold the reset button on your router for 1-5 seconds.

3. How you can reset the Ubee dvw3201b router to default settings?

It's extremely easy, simply press-and-hold the reset button router for 1-5 seconds using a pin.

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