How to Choose the Right Shoe for a Workout
How to Choose the Right Shoe for a Workout

Below are some tips to choose a perfect companion in the form of shoes for your work out as different workouts need a different kind of shoes:

For Running

•          Shoes should have a great shock absorption capacity

•          Extra stiffness or cushion around the arch

•          Well cushioned

•          Higher heel to supposedly reduce trauma from the repetitive footfalls of running

For Gym Training

•          A stable set of shoes

•          Flat, stiff soles

•          Flat-soled shoes will suffice.

For Biking

•          Really stiff to offer your feet the support

•          Lightweight, aerodynamic

•          Ruggedness at the bottom offering regular contact with the pedals and more control over the bike.

•          Soles for traction

For Walking

•          Shoes should have a great shock absorption capacity

•          Extra stiffness or cushion around the arch

•          Well cushioned

•          Higher heel

In the end, the shoes you are going to select shall not only match the type of workout you do but also be of your comfort. As being comfortable in the pair of shoes will give you a sense of confidence to go out and out in your work out regime and get the best out of it. To find what comforts you always take it out for a spin: go for a run, lift, play a football game in them, or walk around in them for a day. You need to spend time doing the activity in them to ensure a comfortable fit. Be sure to ask your store about return policies; most shoe stores are pretty cool about exchanges, as long as they look new. You may realize you do not even need them! Never assume you have the same size throughout the brands. The right time to try the shoes is the latter part of the day as standing on your feet throughout the day, makes the feet get more flattened and swollen. Apart from all these always wear a pair of socks to get the best of the shoes during an activity, as grips the feet better, soak the sweat and always keeps the feet healthy.


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