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Opal's curved enclosures have no parallel surfaces. Called after the nationwide gemstone of Australia, the Opals are new studio monitors from Event Electronics. Despite their fairly compact 22. 615. 415-inch enclosures, Opals were meant to develop a two-way system that provides the power, accuracy and fidelity of large three-way systems.

From the first day, designer Marcelo Vercelli took a totally makeover at the procedure, with the intent of creating a no-compromise monitor with world-class performance. There's no off-the-shelf stuff here; all the elements were developed from the ground up, combining new and standard technologies. Discovering Opals, The 8-inch woofer has a neodymium motor and a low-mass, composite carbon-fiber/paper cone that's stiff enough to supply midrange out to 10 k, Hz, yet delivers 35Hz bass with exceptional 30mm-plus expedition.

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The tweeter has a 1-inch beryllium/copper-alloy dome mated to a neodymium magnet structure and mounted on an unbalanced elliptical waveguide for dispersion control in the horizontal and vertical planes. The entire HF system and illuminated Event logo are rotatable for using Opals on their sides. A 1. 6k, Hz center-point, 8th-order (48d, B/octave) active network deals with crossover tasks.

Looking within, elements are top-grade, while heavy toroidal transformers and massive rear panel heat sinks contribute much to Opal's 47-pound heft, so watch out for meter bridge positioning. Full-power THD specs for the amps remain in the 0. 004-percent range. Neutrik combination XLR/TRS jacks handle balanced or out of balance inputs; a 15-pin D-sub adapter is offered a planned digital input module.

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Heavy interior ribs both add strength to create a solid, non-resonant enclosure, in addition to separate any possibility of standing waves within the cabinet. Along the rear panel, threaded inserts (M8 Omnimount pattern) enable various, safe and secure wall-mount possibilities, which need to be valued in 5. 1/7. 1 installations, particularly for hanging rear-surround channels.

Opal's front ports utilize a patent-pending, variable-impedance technique that combines slotted vents along either side of the drivers with flared airways that significantly lower air-distortion artifacts. youtube , Set, Opal, Opals self-mute throughout power-up, so there are no nasty whumps. Underneath a detachable cover on the front baffle are knobs for tweaking Opals to personal taste or acoustical considerations.

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