Monitored Respiratory Rate Puts Order Back in Life
Monitored Respiratory Rate Puts Order Back in Life

Health is a major issue in our lives. We can find out about the health condition through several ways one of them is the respiratory rate. In good health can we do things properly. It’s not that in sickness we can’t have fun or do things but being in a healthy condition we can have more fun and everything can be done with more energy. 


A lifeline device:

Vincense has made a health check up device which is now available for everyone. It monitors heart pulse rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, skin temperature and more. Looking at the respiratory rate of a person, one can tell if the person is in any distress. Getting a doctor, finding out what the problem is can be time taking which the person may not have.


Timeline of health problem:

Even if the doctor finds its way to the distressed individual, the doctor would still need to do a check up to really know what the problem is. Rushing the patient to a hospital, setting up all the monitoring devices, to see all the health conditions the patient has, on a screen monitor takes awful lot of time.


Ancestorial doctors:

In the time of our ancestors, when there were no such devices, the doctors were trained to diagnose to feel, putting their hand on the wrist, listen to the respiratory rate. Now such well trained doctors are no more there but no worries, a device with all the criteria’s, like respiratory rate, pulse rate and others. It is now available in a watch like device to wear it on the wrist. The monitoring systems found in a hospital to track the vitals are now compressed into a size of a watch.


A watch like wireless monitoring device:

This device needs no specialist. You can monitor your own health and take care of it. It’s a portable device, for you to check your health anytime, anywhere. It will send data wirelessly to a device which you and your doctor can access to know your health condition. You need not run to the doctor for any unnecessary reason. This device is affordable and a good health choice.


Digital screening of respiratory rate parameters:

Digital screening of respiratory rate parameters? Respiratory system is an important part of the human physiology. As it brings oxygen to the body which keep all functions active. Dysfunction of respiratory rate can be caused for various reasons but having the vincense device on you; you can immediately check eight parameters: Pulse rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, skin temperature, NIBP, blood sugar, weight and BMI are collected, these can tell you if it’s emergency or not.


Self care:

We at times feel shortness of breath and our respiratory rate has increased for no good reason. Can this be a cause of concern? Maybe!  But after a run, it is natural for our respiratory rate to increase as the body needs more oxygen. In our rest state the normal respiratory rate is between 12 to 20 breaths per minute.


Unconscious monitoring:

We should keep track of our respiratory rate to know of any changes that can cause health issues. Therefore a device like vincense keeping account of your respiratory rate can be beneficial to you.

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