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United States [edit] In United States, landline phone customers can pay a little fee to exclude their number from the directory. This service is available as an unlisted number, or an unpublished number. An unlisted number is excluded from public directory sites. An unpublished number is also excluded from directory assistance services, such as 411.

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As mobile phones become more popular, there have been strategies to launch telephone number into public 411 and reverse number directories by means of a different Wireless telephone directory. Nevertheless, these plans have actually come under opposition from internet based privacy advocate groups, and blogs, typically pointing out privacy issues. Opposition to the wireless 411 directory site was led by consumer advocacy organization Customers Union, through their campaign.

In their 2004 congressional testimony supporting the (S. 1963, the "Wireless 411 Privacy Act" 9/2004) expense, Consumers Union claimed that "customer personal privacy might be threatened by a wireless 411 directory site". Today, [] cell phone numbers are not readily available in any public 411 or reverse-number directories. Unwanted RoboCalls , who desire their cellular phone numbers noted with directory assistance, must call their cellular carrier to opt-in. [] Numerous details business provide reverse mobile phone lookups that are gotten from different resources, and are available online.

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Over the last few years [] community web based services appeared that provide a reverse phone book of recognized telemarketers, financial obligation collectors, fund raisers, and other solicitors which contact customers by telephone. Users of these services can carry out a search of the telephone number which appeared on their caller ID and go through user comments to discover the identity of the calling company or individual. [] UK [modify] In the United Kingdom correct, reverse directory site info is not openly available.

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Although the details is, of necessity, available to emergency situation services, for other firms it is dealt with as 'interaction information' in the RIPA routine and subject to the exact same controls as ask for lists of and material of calls. Like the United States community web based services, such as Who-calls. and http://www.

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Who-calls. was ranked as the UK as the 63671st popular website for traffic volume at the end of May 2018. [] Recommendations [modify]"Clinton Directory Released". Page 16. Jan 2, 1972. Obtained 9 February 2014. CS1 maint: area (link) Federal Court of Australia. "Telstra Corporation Limited v Desktop Marketing Systems Pty Ltd (2001) FCA 612 (25 May 2001)".

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