Automatic Dual Take up Machine: Revolutionary Features, Applications, and Advantages

Automatic Dual Take up Machine: Revolutionary Features, Applications, and Advantages

An automatic dual take up machine is one of the most significant machines, well-known for high speed and reel change-over reliability. It is widely used in almost all types of applications at top-line speeds. This machine is designed and manufactured to function independently from line controls, and therefore offers an easy adaptation along with a very fast plug & play installation to any line. 


Availability in a wide range of performance as well as automation levels


An automatic dual take up machine serves a wide range of purposes in the fields such as building, installation, and special wire and cable extrusion lines. This machine is available in a wide range of performance as well as automation levels according to the customers’ exacting requirements. Lay-out flexibility and upgradeability are the most important features of this machine that enable later-on modifications and adaptation to production changes. What’s more, the downtime and need for maintenance can also be minimized by making a careful selection of different components used. 


Self-diagnostics ability with easy access to service points


An automatic dual take up machine also has a revolutionary feature called self-diagnostic ability. This feature enables the machine to carry out quick troubleshooting. Apart from it, easy access to service points makes it easy to do the needful without any hassles. The overall ergonomics and safety features of the machine offer the best working conditions to the operators. 


A summary of advanced features and advantages 


  • Automatic label (optional)
  • Coiler can process round, flat, solid, flexible, telephone, battery, armored, steel, and special cable
  • Coiler also can process small and short lengths
  • Three (3) to five (5) coils per minute (determined by coil length)
  • The strap (optional) can be selected toroid or diametric way
  • Ready to work in line with extrusion line or rewinding application
  • Precision winding and tension control
  • Included a precise digital counter
  • Controlled by PLC
  • Color touch screen for operation, troubleshooting, and alarms
  • Built-in products recipe (saving and recall of coil parameters)
  • Adjustable coil height (optional from the touch screen).


Achievability of higher automation levels


Higher levels of automation can also be achieved in an automatic dual take up machine through a well-planned integration into the line controls by signals. To ensure a fast start-up, an automatic dual take up machine is delivered with a pre-examined interconnection of cables. The machine undergoes complete testing with wire at full speed along with customer reels. To have the Automatic Coiling Machine operating in line with an Extrusion Line, India’s top providers of automatic dual take up machine recommend to install an accumulator for storage during the time of Stop - Cut - Start of a new Coil in Auto Mode.


Concluding Remarks


Supermac Industries (India) Limited is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of world-class automatic dual take up machine in India. With a core focus on improving and developing new solutions & services, the company has time and again raised the bar in terms of quality and efficiency and has become one of the best automatic dual-head coiling machine suppliers in India & abroad.

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