Heavy Equipment Shipping USA

Heavy equipment shipping in USA includes heavy-duty automotive, large vehicles, construction equipment, excavators and building construction materials.

There are also heavy machinery, heavy trucks, engineering equipment and agricultural machinery.

Heavy equipment can also be defined by its size and weight and can also include machinery like tractors, cranes, forklifts, and other industrial equipment.

Due to the large sizes of such machinery, those equipment could potentially require specific carriers that specialize in heavy equipment shipping in USA.

From enclosed box truck, flatbed, double drop, rgn or multi axel trailers from California to Texas and from New Jersey to Washington, VJS logistics covers entire USA when it comes to heavy equipment shipping at cheap prices.

The State Of New Jersey Department of Transportation has special regulations for overweight and oversized vehicles for which permits can be acquired online.

Whether you are shipping a small machine or a large over-dimensional machine, VJS Logistics specializes in heavy equipment shipping in USA.

From LTL Trucking to Full truck load, shipping via box trucks or multi axle rgn, you won’t find any other heavy haul shipping company in USA that provides best heavy haul freight rates.

Oversized equipment transportation is risky and needs lot of precision, care and expertise. It takes a certain type of heavy haul shipping company to handle that.

Heavy equipment transportation requires special care expertise and precision.

You can’t even imagine driving from one location to another as you would a regular vehicle when it comes to heavy haul shipping as it can be risky.

Different states have different transportation regulations and have different traffic laws.

If you are shipping heavy equipment or wider load then you have to plan for alternate routes.

Since, heavy equipment shipping is risky, takes longer time and needs special routes due to state specific laws and regulations, it can only be carried out by a company that have necessary permits for oversized equipment shipping across USA.


What is an Oversize Load and Oversize Load Regulations

As per the definition of an oversize load any load beyond 8.6 feet wide is considered an oversize load and you need state permits to move on public highways while on local, narrower roads the maximum legal trailer width may be just 8 feet but that varies from state to state.

  • FHA has set the maximum width limit of commercial vehicles at 8 feet 6 inches.
  • In Hawaii, the maximum width is 9 feet (108 inches). 
  • Legal length for commercial vehicles in all states except Georgia 53 feet and 75 feet.
  • Georgia allows a maximum of 100 feet.
  • Most states have set 13 feet 6 inches as the maximum allowable height for commercial vehicles.
  • Colorado and Nebraska have stretched that limit to 14 feet 6 inches.
  • Alaska has set the maximum height for commercial vehicles at 15 foot.

Since, the heavy haul shipping varies from state to state if the width of a load exceeds 12 or 14 feet, there may additional requirements or restrictions, such as the requirement for pilot or escort vehicles and limited permitted travel times on different routs routes which you should take into consideration.

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