What is Shot blasting machine ?
What is Shot blasting machine ?

Shot Blasting is the process of cleaning a surface such as iron, steel, cast-iron parts, forgings, rusted pipes, iron bars, engine and automotive parts by blasting abrasive material such as steel shots or steel grits at very high velocity utilizing the centrifugal force generated by high speed rotating disk in a shot blasting machine.Shot blasting machine is also used to alter the mechanical properties or various components, increasing resistance to fatigue for springs, gears, etc.

Compared to sandblasting process shot blasting does not produces large amounts of dust and is much more environment friendly. A shot blasting machine is like a closed chamber so the dust particles generated at the time of blasting process remain inside the chamber and does not pollute the environment. Shot Blasting Machines for sale in India are available for cheap prices.

How Shot Blasting Machine works ?

  • Operation:

The door of the machine is opened and components are loaded onto the endless rubber conveyor belt of the machine.The rubber conveyor belt tumbles the components and ensures adequate exposure of the components. The abrasive athigh velocity falls upon the tumbling components and clean them. After blast cleaning cycle is over, the blast wheel isshut off and door is opened. The components are unloaded on the trolley by moving the conveyor belt in reverse direction.

  • Work Chamber/ Cabinet

The heavy duty welded cabinet is manufactured out of prime quality heavy duty steel plate and mounted on sturdy andrigid structural steel frame work. 8 to 10 mm thick alloy steel extra large size hard liners are fitted in direct blast zone of the cabinet. The interior of door and cabinet is lined with special grade rubber sheet having thickness 6 mm. This rubber sheet has special property to retard abrasion on account of ricocheting of abrasive. A horizontal door is provided having limit switch for safety purpose. Inside of the door is fully lined with rubber liner. A rubber seal is provided on the inner side of the door to prevent the escape of abrasive from cabinet. The door is fitted with limit switch and lever type lock is provided for locking the door and preventing escape of abrasives.

  •  Work Conveyor:

The endless type perforated rubber conveyor is provided. The gentle tumbling action of this rubber conveyor exposes all the surface of the components to the blast stream. The abrasion resistant grade of rubber having thickness 15 mm is used in construction of the conveyor belt. The tensioning arrangement of this conveyor belt is provided. The conveyor is driven by three number of roller through a chain drive system located outside the cabinet. The spent abrasive falls through perforation of the conveyor into the hopper of the cabinet which are guided to the boot of elevator for recirculation purpose.

  •  Wheelabrator Unit (Blast Wheel Assembly):

The blast wheel assembly is mounted on steel plate having thickness of 10 to 12 mm. The unit consists of fabricated steel casing having installation of different alloy steel liners, rotor, blades, control cage, impeller and feed spout. The rotor is made out of EN grade material duly hardened to the full depth. The drive system of blast wheel (Rotor) entails a set of self-lubricated and self-aligning pedestal bearings. The rotor is dynamically balanced. The drive shaft of blast wheel is made out of EN grade material and duly precision grinded to the finest accuracy. The latest nylon sandwiched flat belt drive system is provided for driving the rotor.This system enhances the power transmission efficiency by 15%.The fabricated casing of blast wheel assembly can be easily opened up through bolts/levers for examination of various liners
and parts of wheel assembly.

  •  Abrasive Circulation System:

The rotor of blast wheel assembly unit fires abrasive down on the perforated belt. The spent abrasive from perforated belt top falls into hopper of the cabinet. The abrasive from hopper transferred to the boot of Bucket Elevator which leads abrasive to the Rotary Screen Separator/Air Dynamic Separation System (Optional Accessory). The tensioning arrangement for elevator belt is provided at the top portion of the elevator, hence no spillage of belt. The Rotary Screen Separator/Air Dynamic Separation System continuously segregates usable abrasive from unusable abrasive and debris. The usable abrasives are transferred into the storage hopper for recirculation purpose. The storage hopper entails electronic abrasive level sensor* (Optional Accessory). These sensors are connected to the abrasive replenishing hopper provided at the bottom of bucket elevator. The abrasives from storage hopper are transferred into blast wheel unit through feed funnel. The rotational movement of impeller constantly accelerates the incoming abrasive and pours them on the blades of the rotor. The flow of abrasive to the blast wheel unit is regulated by pneumatic valve operated by pneumatic cylinder and solenoid valve. The abrasive at high velocity are thrown by rotor onto the job.

  •  Fabric Bag Dust Collector System:

The fabric bag type dust collector having number of tubular filter bag is provided. The dust laden air enters the dust collector through side and passes into a settling and equalizing compartment. Through expansion in the equalizing compartment, the air velocity drops and flow is distributed over the entire settling area. The air then flows up and away from storage hopper causing the heavier dust particles to settle down, the fine particles floating upward into the filter tube. The clean air passes through the tubes and is exhausted through the blower. At certain interval the tubes are shaken mechanically/manually to remove the accumulated dust from the filter bags. The dust is collected in the tray of the dust collector. The trays are taken out periodically and emptied. The filter bags are made out of a satin woven filter cloth. The seams are multiple stitched with heavy cotton thread. The blower unit of dust collector is dynamically balanced. The dust collector is fabricated in modular design and all the joints are sealed with imported sealing compound.

Shot Blasting Machine is used in almost every industry that works with metal components:

    • Ship Building and Ship Yards
    • Aerospace and Aircraft Maintenance
    • Iron Castings and Other Metal Foundry
    • Forgings
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