Avoid Truck Accident: Safety topics for the truck driver

Avoid Truck Accident: Safety topics for the truck driver

Safety is the most important priority in the transportation industry. Staring from the adherence to the regulations concerning road safety to the following of the best practices guidelines. On road safety is very much important for ensuring trouble-free transportation of the passengers and things.

One should review the safety topics concerning the truck driver on a routine basis that can help lower the accidents and make sure the drivers are familiar with the up to the minute safety rules and recommendations.

Concerning the weight limit:

The semi-trucks are permitted to carry limited loads depending on the materials’ type, trailer’s size and the state regulations where the truck is supposed to transport freights. The weight regulations make sure of the transportation safety and the long-term usability of the roads and the highways. The truck drivers must have the knowledge of the way to measure the weight of their loads, balancing loads for the safety and the specific procedures required to monitor the weight limits regulated by the law enforcement personnel.

Failure of the equipment:

A failure such as faulty lights, poor brakes, air brake issues can raise serious safety concerns for the truck drivers. The thorough knowledge of the emergency handling procedures for any kind of equipment failure problem can help in avoiding accidents and critical injury. The truck drivers are required to be capable of performing substitute stopping methods and evasive manoeuvres, make use of the emergency equipment like a Jake Brake, and finally have knowledge about the calling procedure of assistance if the equipment fails.

Adverse weather conditions:

The heavy rains, wind and stormy conditions result in extra safety threats for the truck drivers. Poor weather increases the time needed for the trucks to stop o the slippery roads, can obstruct the visibility and can lead the truck to sway irregularly due to the wind gusts.

The truck drivers must have the in-depth knowledge of the way to drive in the rainy conditions, emergency procedures, when exactly to stop driving because of danger and how to limit the influence of the poor conditions on the driving.

Use of the technology:

The truck drivers often have to drive for long hours. It often happens that the driver gets tempted to play videos, movies or use mobile phones for passing the time. As per the survey depicts, phones are the biggest distractions for vehicle drivers. You can check your local regulations and the organization’s policy regarding the hands-free options.

A similar case is with the GPS. The truck drivers should enter the routes and do the adjustment with the settings when parked in a safe place.

Wearing seat belt:

Truck drivers are supposed to wear seat belts. It is an absolute necessity. As per the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, seat belt wearing increases the chance of crash surviving.

The seatbelts stop the occupants from getting flung out of the truck. If in a truck accident the driver is thrown out of the truck, his chance of getting killed is more than the driver who is not thrown out. Not only the truck drivers, but drivers of other vehicles must also wear seat belts mandatorily.

About the visibility:

The blind spots can lead to safety concerns. The truck drivers don’t have full visibility. If the mirror is placed properly, then the situation can be made positive to some extent. Again, the progressive turning options, strategic change of lane, etc. can help too.

If the truck driver uses the signal properly, they can avoid crashes with the small vehicles that are quite near the truck. The truck can slow down or increase the speed if the sight is clear. They can plan for the directional changes properly.

The working hours:

The truck drivers who have reached 70 hours which is the maximum can resume if in case they have rested for approximately thirty-four consecutive hours. It should involve two nights from 1 to 5 a.m. The drivers are required to take a break of 30 minutes during the first 8 hours of the shift. The maximum daily driving hours is limited to 11.

Eating of food:

The truck drivers must eat healthy food. Food that can cause irritation should not be consumed before or during the working hours. Drivers with ill health are likely to cause more accidents.

Limitations that are truck-specific:

The trailers and the semi-trucks have specific rules and limitations that are beyond the standard automobiles. The limitations add up the state laws that propose the limitations regarding where the trucks are allowed to travel. The limitations also include the lanes that are allowed to use on the inter-states, speed limits that are a truck-specific, in-city diminution, etc., the trained truck drivers should understand every city’s driving restrictions in which they are needed to drive.

About conquering fatigue:

The drivers must be in good health without any fatigue. They must take adequate rest between shifts. If they are forced to drive continuously by the senior authority, he can lodge a complaint against the management.

Drive safely.

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