Top Soft Period Pads and Other Hygiene Products to Try

Top Soft Period Pads and Other Hygiene Products to Try

When it comes to the intimate hygiene of women, it is one of the most important factors to contribute to their overall well being. Paying special attention to intimate hygiene should be given utmost priority in order to stay healthy. Therefore, it is truly important to get your hands on the best quality soft period pads and other hygiene products. These products help in always keeping you fresh and clean both during your period and non-period days. Some women do not pay as much attention to their non-period day hygiene as their period days but both are equally important. The market today has come up with a plethora of different products to assist you with both during your period and non-period days. These products have their different variants which are meant to cater to your different period and non-period day needs. All you have to do is find out what it is that you need for your own comfort.

For your period days, the most popular two methods are sanitary pads and tampons. Both these products are made to soak up the menstrual blood for longer hours. The best period padsand tampons feel cottony soft against the skin which makes it easier for you to stay in them for longer hours. However, among these two, sanitary pads are the most reached out as opposed to the tampons. The reason for this preference can  be many but the most common one is their usage. Sanitary pads are to be attached to the panties and pulled up while the tampons are to be inserted right into the vagina. This process often scares many women away and they refrain from trying them. But, once you get the hang of wearing it the correct way, they can feel as comfortable as sanitary pads.

To use tampons, just simply put one of your feet on top of a stool or squat. Then carefully insert a tampon into your vagina. Remember to leave the string it comes with outside so that you can pull the tampon out easily. Most of the tampon brands provide an easy to use applicator with each piece which makes the entire insertion much easier and hassle free. The best tamponsin the market come in two different variants which are the super tampons and regular tampons. The super tampons are made with a finger sized absorbent core which are meant for soaking up your heavy flow and the regular variant is for your regular to light flow days.

For those of you using sanitary pads, you will also find a myriad of different sanitary pad variants in the market today. The top variants are -

  • Antibacterial pads - The antibacterial pads are meant for those of you prone to catching germs and infections easily during periods. These napkins are manufactured with a green sheet on top which is made with natural ingredients and give 99.9% protection from bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus and Candida Albicans. These napkins can also give a very long-lasting hygiene.
  • Overnight napkins -The overnight napkins are heavy duty sanitary napkins which are created to give maximum protection at night so that you can have an uninterrupted sleep all through the night without having to worry about leakage or staining. These xl sanitary pads are created with a wider hip guard which covers your panty entirely from the back giving your hips maximum coverage so that it can soak up all the blood flow efficiently. The flexi absorb system in them helps the napkin move along with your body so that the blood drips right on top of the napkin and not anywhere else. Their double absorbent core fits the body perfectly and continues to absorb from night till morning.

 Coming to your non-period days, using products such as panty liners is a must. They help in keeping you clean and dry at all times while you are not on your period. These liners look a lot like sanitary pads but are much smaller and tinier than that of sanitary pads. They are to be used for soaking up your regular vaginal discharge so that you stay dry and fresh. Besides, the panty liner pads also help in protecting your panties from getting soiled. Even though you need to use them like your sanitary pads, they are not to be used for soaking up menstrual blood. They are very thin and tiny which makes them inappropriate for using during periods. The panty liner brandshave also come up with different variants such as antibacteria and daily fresh for your comfort. 

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