9 Things You Should Know About Web Hosting
9 Things You Should Know About Web Hosting


Web hosting is the process wherein a web space with a certain bandwidth is offered on a high powered computer, known as the server and linked to the internet at very high speeds. The hosting companies generally maintain highly powered web server computers in the location, known as the data centre. These servers are linked to a very fast internet connection, usually.

The data centres have a main and a backup source of power, a quick internet connection and a safety monitoring staff. There are many types of web hosting but the three main ones are shared, dedicated and reseller. Each one of them is of different type and has specific needs, keeping in mind the need of the clients.

When one decides to opt for website hosting, one gets to know about a lot of terms and features, which he might not always understand. The internet is also flooded with Web Design Virtual Assistant. In this article, certain important things about web hosting will be discussed.


  • Website Builder: Nowadays, the hosting providers offer the tools which are needed to create a website, whether one is a novice or a professional coder. The modern website builders also offer templates with drag and drop function, which allows creating a great looking professional website, without having to hire a professional web designer.


  • One can say that a website builder is the web design, virtual assistant. There are a lot of reputed website builders, which are proprietary in nature and are not web hosts in the true sense of the term. DV from elegant themes is one of the most popular website builders.


  • Bandwidth: Bandwidth means the quality and the level of traffic and data, which are allowed to be transferred between the site, internet and the users. Each hosting company will have different bandwidth levels. It is with the help of bandwidth that one determines the best web hosting company in terms of best networks, system and connections.


  • Depending on the size of the business and the number of visitors to the website, the bandwidth limit is chosen. Most of the major hosting companies will have a bandwidth of all ranges and provide them accordingly.


  • Domain Names Registered At The Same Company - Though this is always not the case, the website owner can decide not to have his domain name registered with the web hosting company. The domain name is the most important property and is an irreplaceable asset, thus the owner can decide anything that is good for his business.


  • Storage: Most of the host companies will offer unlimited storage capacity, but definitely along with some restrictions. For most of the websites for small businesses, it is wise to have a low-cost shared hosting plan that will be enough for every kind of storage needs.

  • It is quite unlikely to have a need of more than 1 GB of space unless there are lots of videos or music files on the website. Most web hosting companies act as a Web Design Virtual Assistant in terms of not only being a file server service but various other important reasons.


  • Scalability: Now, this is a very important attribute which every web host should provide. The website should be able to handle a huge number of visitors and also the hosting provider should be such that the business owner can organically grow, with the growth in business and an increase in traffic as a result of that.


  • When a hosting provider is chosen, one should be sure of how easily it can be upgraded should there be a need. It should always be checked, whether the web host can upgrade from a beginners' shared hosting plan to an intermediate VPS when the traffic increases, without any downtime in the website. The business may experience certain seasonal fluctuations in the traffic and so this needs seamless support.


  • Access: When one signs up for hosting, there will be a control panel to manage the hosting account. One will also need an FTP or File Transfer Protocol to get access to the files. This is the most common method of transferring the web pages and other files from one's own computer to the web host's computer. As a reliable web design virtual assistant, many providers also offer an offline file manager which is essential for a quick update to the website, even from the smartphone.


  • Support: When there is any kind of technical difficulties, one will definitely need backup support from the web design virtual assistant. The good hosting providers offer 24/7 support so that within 24 hours the business gets restored. There are various methods of available support like telephone, live chat and email. An SLA or Service Level Agreement shall always be signed to be sure of the details of the support that can be received.


  • Location: A closer data centre to the visitors will guarantee the faster loading of the page. If it is likely that all the visitors are from the same area, a hosting provider from the nearby area should be chosen. Otherwise, a package including the option of CDN can be chosen.

  • Backup: This is the most important service, one should receive from a hosting provider. Not all companies offer this service. The backups usually include both the website files as well as the database. A backup is needed for various reasons like fire at the data centre, any kind of manual error, hacking or any component failure.

Nowadays, facilitating suppliers offer the instruments you have to make an incredible site, regardless of whether you're a coding master or an all out novice. Present day web designers -, for example, Boldgrid - offer layouts with an intuitive capacity, to enable you to make a smooth looking proficient site without the need to procure a website specialist.

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Kyra is a Hiring Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency – an IT Recruitment Agency. She specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.
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