How to unlock Samsung note 9 to any carrier

Having a new mobile phone is something that can make you very happy and with the huge variety of features that you can use in the new design, there is no end to the amount o fun you can have. However, there can be factors that can be frustrating for you when you are using a new mobile phone, no matter how expensive it is and getting rid of such a situation is very important.

One such problem that the buyers of the new Samsung Note 9 face is the fact that the carrier that you are using for your phone does not allow you to use some other carrier or in unless and until you get to unlock the mobile phone. This way you will not be able to change the carrier for your phone if you are looking for some specific and special services, also it would get hard for you to make use of your new Samsung Note 9 when you are off on a holiday.

What is more disturbing than the locked phone is the way these companies get you into the complications of unlocking your phone that make you get mad at them. You will be required to obtain a 16 digit code and other things to get going with the unlocking and if you are not a real techie, it could get hard for you to get things done.

We know that can be very frustrating since you paid a good amount to get your hands laid on the new phone but thankfully there is solution to this problem as well. You can find the solution for unlocking the device on several websites but here we have gathered the solution for it so you can get maximum number of carriers’ info on one place.

Here we have gathered the steps that you will need to follow in order to get the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 unlocked for you for 5 different carriers. We hope that you will find it helpful and your phone will start working for your favorite network easily.

Unlock note 9 on AT&T network

  1. Log on to some Unlocking App for the Galaxy Note 9.
  2. Fulfill the requirements on the order form.
  3. The code for unlocking the device and the instructions will be sent to you via email!

Unlock note 9 on Sprint network

  1. Get on to internet and then start searching for some device unlocking apps available there
  2. Search for the one that says it is for unlocking the Sprint network especially for Samsung Note 9
  3. Check the price of the app and check your credit, if you have enough credit, download the app
  4. Run the series of steps that the app tells you about and then keep moving on
  5. At the end of these steps, your phone will reboot itself and you will get unlocked
  6. Now you can place some other carrier SIM in the phone and get it functioning for your new SIM.

Unlock note 9 on T-Mobile

  1. Search for some good  T-Mobile Device Unlock App on your Galaxy Note 9
  2. Download it to your phone and open it
  3. Check all the requirements and then continue to select Permanent Unlock
  4. One completion of step 3, the phone will get unlocked and will reboot itself

Unlock note 9 on Metro PCS

  1. Put the SIM of the network that you want to get in your Metro PCS Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and start your phone
  2. The phone will ask for the unlock code that will unfreeze your phone or will make it carrier free so that you can use any network of your choice for it. For this purpose you will need to provide a 16 digit code as well, but if you have found the NCK for this specific network, you can simply provide that and proceed with the series of steps appearing further. You can find the codes on the internet for the specific carriers easily but a thorough search would be required. Last but not the least is to continue the steps till the end.
  3. Reboot your phone and you will find the unlocked new carrier of your choice working smoothly on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


Unlock note 9 on cricket

Browse the internet for some good service for providing the unlocking codes for opening your phone. Now that you have the unlock code, you can proceed with the following steps.

  1. Insert the SIM card into your phone that you want to have in the new phone but it is not working.
  2. Start the phone and boot it
  3. A field will appear that will ask you for entering the unlock code
  4. Now enter the code and hit UNLOCK
  5. It will take a few moments before you will find that there is a successfully unlocked message appearing on the screen.

So you see, it is not very difficult to unlock your phone when you have got the unlock code for the specific network. But the question that might pop into your mind is that, what are the benefits of unlocking the phone to some other network?

Here we are going to describe them briefly so that you can enjoy them.

Benefits of unlocking Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for other carriers

  • It provides you the flexibility to choose your network anytime
  • Makes you enjoy different carriers
  • Sticking to only one network makes you pay for roaming charges which this unlocking can save you from
  • The reselling of the phone becomes favorable and easier
  • You can now modify your phone to your personal expectations easily
  • The ease of use and convenience are the most amazing factors that add to the unlocked phones

We hope you found this article to be helpful for you and soon your network specific phone will be super flexible in your hands with the network of your choice. 

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