How Custom T Shirts Can Promote Your Brand Image
How Custom T Shirts Can Promote Your Brand Image

Business marketing strategy needs to include online as well as offline efforts. Technically, consumers are lifeblood of every business and it is necessary to reach them. Marketing means getting word out, which helps to increase sales, foster healthy competition environment, and enhance brand reputation.

How custom T-shirts capably promote brand image?

Custom T-shirts can carry your brand message among masses in a warm, friendly, and convincing manner. In addition, your brand gets a unique, fresh, and young look.

Walking ads

Obviously, the marketer who introduced the ideas of customizing T-shirt with company logo was smart. Custom T-shirts are walking ads. They offer good visibility to any business. It is an economical way to promote business and create visual connection with possible customers. You just need to have company logo printed on T-shirts and the wearers will do the legwork to publicize your brand.

Eye catcher & conversation starter

Well-designed custom T-shirt catches eyes and acts as conversation starter. Wearing creative T-shirt with your brand message [catchy tagline or stylized logo] in public gatherings can attract many, who will discuss about your brand just out of curiosity and often leave lasting impression.


Everyone admires free stuff. Therefore giving your company’s branded T-shirt as takeaways in a business event or conference is a well-recognised way of reaching new clients and maintain existing ones. Keeping a pile of free branded T-shirts during a trade show will certainly attract plenty of guests and it will get distributed more quickly than flyers or business cards. When audience gets more value, the more they will lean towards your business. T-shirt giveaway help to establish goodwill amongst potential consumers, which is essential for business success.


Exciting contests can be held to give away branded T-shirts. They can even be distributed across popular social channels. Contest needs to be interesting, so as to hook audience. It will also help to add more followers and likes on your social profile.


Increment Loyalty


Clients and customers need to feel esteemed and regarded, both by and by and expertly. Getting gifts from your organization can be the beginning stage in growing new connections and sustaining current ones. It is realistic that no one will want to spend a fortune on these gifts. But too much modesty is also no recommended.


Keep in mind that it indicates how much esteem you put on the relationship. Giving a customised gift to your potential and current clients can expand the odds you will be picked over your rival with regards to settling on a buy choice.


Produce More Leads


It, more often than not, takes numerous exposures to an item, particularly on the web, before somebody makes a buy. Except if there is a quick need a potential client has that you are satisfying. This is the premise behind email advertising and lead catch programs. Organizations need to get the contact data of their site guests so they can stay in contact utilizing automated assistants. These are a progression of messages conveyed after some time to the individuals who give their authorization by picking into your rundown.


Dress staff in company T-shirt

Provide staff with company T-shirt including name, logo, and tagline printed on the back and front. You can make the staff wear it on two days in a week or even on fun gatherings and social events. This will enhance your branding efforts.

Tips to create customized T-shirt design

  • The branding elements or design you plan to add on the T-shirt has to look good because few things tend to look great on desktop or paper but not on T-shirts.
  • Company logo has to be sufficiently big, so that it is visible on the T-shirt even from some distance. The logo should not be too large, so that it overpowers overall design. It will be useless, if logo is too small because it will go unnoticed.
  • Good quality material must be used to create T-shirts, so people adore wearing it. Remember, it is for business promotion and if low-quality fabric is used it will damage your overall branding efforts. No one desires to take any chances.
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