The amazing healing properties of pishti
The amazing healing properties of pishti

What is Pishti?
Akik Bhasma or Pishti is a popular herb in the Ayurveda that is enriched with minerals and used for various medical treatments such as weakness of heart, general debility, mental illness, excess heat in the body, uterine bleeding (especially in women), eye diseases, etc. It is highly recommended to avail this herb from the credible pishti suppliers.

Ingredients of Pishti:
Akik bhasma or Pishti is typically prepared by grinding the agate gemstone (powder form). Then, it is again grounded with herbal juices and the mixture is heated to get the bhasma form. The Pishti is generally used for the betterment of the heart, spleen, liver, and brain. The main ingredients of Pishti are–

  • Akik stone or silicon oxide
  • Aloe Vera juice
  • Rose water
  • Cow milk

Medicinal properties of Pishti:
Pishti has various uses, like–

  • Antacid
  • Anti-depressant
  • Anti-hypertensive
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Brain & Heart Tonic

Health benefits of Pishti:
As it is previously mentioned that Pishti is majorly used for the treatment of brain, heart, spleen, and liver, it is highly sought-after by the health care centers. Here are a few major health benefits that the Pishti offer-

  • Reduces hypertension

Being a part of the anti-hypertensive herbal formulations, Akik bhasma reduces the high blood pressure symptoms. It eases the symptoms of difficulty in sleeping, restlessness, excessive sweating, nervousness, etc.

  • Calms in restlessness

People, who suffer from tachycardia, should use Pishti. It can successfully reduce the symptoms of dizziness, restlessness, confused mental state, etc. by getting mixed with other bhasma it also helps in normalizing heart rates.

  • Reduces heart diseases

It is a proven heart tonic. It definitely helps in strengthening the heart muscles and improves the functionality of heart.

  • Relieves in melancholic depression

In Ayurveda, Akik bhasma or Pishti is proven to work on the proper functionalities of neurons. People who are suffering from sadness, guilt feeling, weight loss, agitation, loss of appetite, etc., can get benefited by using Pishti. It is a great medicine for melancholic depression.

  • Stops excessive uterine bleeding

It can stop excessive bleeding, especially the uterine bleeding in women.

The recognized pishti suppliers in India are also specialized in supplying Abhrak bhasma, Loh bhasma, Godanti bhasma, Mandur bhasma, etc. They use scientifically validated laboratories, which are excellent with all the parameters of quality, non-toxicity, and authenticity. Another benefit their customers can avail by purchasing Ayurvedic products from them is the low price!

Ayurveda has offered numerous medicines for the goodness of mankind and Pishti is one of them. So, people who are not getting any relief from the allopathic and homeopathic medicines, they should go for Ayurveda for a tension-free natural therapy.


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