Ultimate Guide to Play Fantasy Cricket Online
Ultimate Guide to Play Fantasy Cricket Online

Fantasy cricket might sound something easy for someone who has not tried playing. However, it is a game that requires some skills and a strong mind. Whether you are a beginner or at an intermediate level in playing cricket fantasy league, it is always good to get some tips to improve your game from time to time.

Here is a guide for you to help you play fantasy cricket online:

  • Make the best use of the budget- You have a fixed budget when you have to choose the players for your fantasy cricket team just like it happens in the IPL. Try to analyze all the combinations of players you can try in that budget and think what will fit the best for the match that is about to begin. The more properly you are able to think, the better will your decision-making skills grow.
  • The right combination of players- The type of players that you choose in your team varies from one match to another. In the shorter format of the games, you want to pick more all-rounders and powerful hitters. However, in the longer formats, experience and the stability of the players matter more. Also, among the bowlers, make sure that you do not pick up only spinners or only pacers otherwise you lose your chance of winning points.
  • Usual and obvious players- For every type of match and for every team, there are some obvious players that cannot be excluded from the real Playing XI. It will be good to keep these players in your fantasy cricket team and wait to see their performance in the actual match. Also, there are very rare chances of these players not performing well.
  • Choose the best player as the captain- In fantasy cricket, you get more points when the captain of your team performs well in the match. Thus, try to pick the best player as the captain and win points based on their performance. Make sure that you pay attention to the form of the players so that you can choose the captain in a better manner.
  • Pay attention to the upcoming games- Fantasy cricket is a game of skills and planning. You cannot expect to win big if you make quick decisions and do not give enough time in thinking about the pros and cons of each match. Therefore, if you want to grow as a player, keep a tab on the upcoming leagues and make sure that you participate in them. This will give you more chances of winning points from each match, and you have even more chances of improving your game.
  • Keep improving your cricketing knowledge- If you are unable to follow the cricket matches properly, make sure that you try to get a glimpse of every match or the summary. It will be great if you can take out time and pay attention to what the experts have to say in the pre-match show before a game begins. This is very beneficial at all times because the experts know better than you and can make better predictions. Also, since they are closer to the field, they know better that which player will be able to excel in that field.

These were some of the basic things that you need to know before playing fantasy cricket online. Keep them in mind before you play. If you have not played it yet, register on Golden Jeeto and start playing. Your love for cricket will start going when you start winning cash prizes by playing various fantasy games online. And, you can even refer friends to increase your earnings.


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