Something Unusual About Flowers

We all know flowers are pretty, colorful, fragrant and most importantly they bring us happiness! Besides all this you should know that these flowers can do more than just looking pretty and using for decor. You can do more things with them because why not? Life is all about trying new and unusual things and if these things are with such pretty flowers then one must go for it.

In this article what I am going to talk about flowers is also a bit different. If asked what are the uses of flowers one must say that flowers are used for gifting purpose, decoration purpose etc. But what if I say there are more uses and that too other than these? You must have a look on this article to know more about it. Don't you worry if you don't find any of the mentioned flowers nearby? There are online stores that do flower delivery in Noida, Delhi and other places too. Let's start this article then.

  1. If you have ever heard of the term Aromatherapy then you must know it is used for improving physical as well as mental health. In this process various oils are used that are made from flowers like lavender, chamomile and germanium. Even in cancer treatments to reduce anxiety, stress as well as nausea aromatherapy is said to be very affective.
  2. Flowers are pretty and fragrant but what if I say they are tasty too? You may think that's a bit weird but that's what we are discussing now. You can even eat flowers. You can use and eat certain flowers in baked goods such as dandelions, rose petals, some specific varieties of marigold etc. But here is a condition. You cannot eat each and every flower. The flowers mentioned here are edible so before eating them do a proper research.
  3. You can use flowers for making insecticides as well as pesticides. You may think how? Flowers are said to attract insects and pests. But not every flower does that. There are certain types of chrysanthemum flowers that produce Pyrethrins (natural insecticide). After drying these flowers oil is extracted from them that produce the insecticide. For making nematode repellents some species of marigolds are used.
  4. One use of the flowers is very fun. What is it? Children can make flower jewellery from the flowers like daisy. These daisy necklaces can be used for playing. In Indian tradition there are rituals before marriage where girls nowadays wear floral jewellery. So for making those different beautiful flowers can be used. You can use jasmine to make neck chains, wrist bands and earrings as well as tiaras.
  5. Sometimes you want to protect your home but don't want to put a fence. No problem, flowers can help you here too. How? Let me tell you there are shrubs with thorny bushes. You can plant shrubs or thorny bushes of flowers like roses, firethorn and flowering quince. They are pretty, fragrant as well as fulfil the purpose of protection. And you don't need a fence to protect your home anymore.
  6. Presently the level of pollution is too high and affects our health a lot. If we want to reduce this pollution we can do it with plants of certain flowers. You may again ask how? For this you should know there are VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that must be absorbed for reducing pollution. Leaves break VOCs in their roots and reduce pollution and increase humidity. Gerbera daisies, orchids etc. are some really affective air cleaners.
  7. For all those who like beauty products must read this point. Flowers can also be used for making beauty products like cream, soaps, cleansing milk as well as toners. In fact you can make rose water toner from rose petals. Lavender and chamomile are dried and used in bath water or in soaps. For making lotions flowers of Calendula are used.

So in this article we can see the different and unusual uses of flowers. You can also try them and get to know new things about flowers. You can order flowers online from different floral stores. All kinds of flowers that are not present in local markets will be there. Go and make something new from these beautiful flowers.

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