New To Vaping? Here's Everything That You Must Know About It
New To Vaping? Here

Everyone knows what a cigarette is – it is a paper tube filled with the shredded tobacco, usually with the filter at one end – but many of the people do not understand exactly what it is that the vapors (e-cigarette users) are inhaling from. That has led to a lot of confusion, as many of the people hear this word cigarette and assume that an e-cigarette is the high-tech version of the traditional tobacco product. In fact, nothing would be further from the truth. 

Electronic cigarettes were designed as the replacement for the cigarettes. They have the same purpose – to deliver the inhaled nicotine – but just do it in a completely different way.

How do the vapors work?

The cigarettes work by burning the tobacco leaves. The inhalation of resulting smoke delivers some amount of nicotine to the user, but also the 4,000-plus chemicals, including some toxic amalgamation of the chemicals known as the tar and the other chemicals at the dangerous levels.

In contrast, the electronic cigarettes– that are otherwise known as the vaping products—do  not contain tobacco and do not involve the burning of any particular substance. Instead, the e-cigarette products are filled with the liquid that often, but not always, contains the nicotine. A small heating element inside the device turns the liquid into the vapor that is then inhaled through the mouthpiece. There is no combustion, so there is no smoke. At the heart of any of the vapor product is the atomizer. This contains the coil which heats up in order to vaporize  liquid, but it needs the other parts too. Almost all the atomizers have the storage tank for the liquid.

The last component of the e-cigarette is liquid that it vaporizes. There are a lot of the inaccurate beliefs about this particular liquid. Many of the people believe that it is an oil, or that it contains the tobacco. They think that the liquid comes from the China city and is also potentially contaminated.

On being alarmed by the addictive nature of smoking, its impact on the body, smoke addicts try their best to get away from the hazardous habit but usually fail in doing so. Many smokers sometimes turn furious due to the addiction. If you are also facing a similar situation and wish to get rid of this harmful addiction, you need not wait for a miracle to occur. Go for a phix vapor and put a full stop to the disturbing addiction. Phix vapor consist of different flavors which can easily help you get rid of quitting long-term cigarette smoking with an effective result.  

As you can interpret with the name phix flavors, an e-cigarette flavor with uniqueness to produce an indifferent vaping sensation which further leads to effortlessly quit smoking addiction. The marketplace is known to have different flavors and some of the most common are blue raspberry, butterscotch, tobacco, and mint. These flavors have a classic, flavorful and satisfying taste.


There are various PHIX POD flavors available to choose from- the strawberry, spearmint, butterscotch, Ice flavor, and other such flavors.  

Benefits over traditional smoking method:  

You can eliminate the bad odor of the classic tobacco cigarettes with the PHIX Pods. The cigarette’s smoke chemicals and the tobacco scent is very potent and remains persistent in the lungs, breath, and the clothes.

Every smoker knows that these chemicals are bad for their internal health, damage their lungs, will age the skin, stains the fingers and also interferes with the optimal blood circulation. Their smell is very persistent and remains so in smoker’s environment for a longer span of time.

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