Common Tile Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Common Tile Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Tiles enhance the appearance of your home, but it is essential to keep them clean and sparkling. Neglected tiles not only look grimy, but they become harder to clean as time goes. Sometimes, people perform tile cleaning Adelaide, but they do not follow the right method. What are the most common tile cleaning mistakes?

Here we are going to mention them.

Not Sweeping The Floor

Before you mop the tiles, you should sweep the floor beforehand. If you skip this process, then the dirt will be left behind and create a slushy mess. It may potentially scratch the floor. You have to ensure that every corner is cleaned well. No dirt should pile up. A microfiber duster is the best to clean the floor thoroughly.

Using A Dirty Mop

The mop used for cleaning tiles should be clean. Also, you should always use clean water. If the mop or water gets dirty after the first cleaning, you should replace them. Dirty moss will create more mess. The best way is to rinse the mop after each cleaning. Replace the mop after twothree months.

Using The Excess Quantity Of Water

The rule is you should use only the required quantity of water. People make this mistake quite often. You should remember that the grout between the tiles is porous. When too much water is used, grout soaks up the dirty water and eventually becomes dark and grimy. grout cleaning Adelaide becomes difficult when it happens. Therefore, use only the required quantity of water while performing cleaning of tiles and grout.

Not Cleaning Tiles Regularly

Ideally, tile and grout should be cleaned every two weeks to keep them in mint condition. Frequent sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming keeps the floor sparkling shining. If not cleaned frequently, then gritty debris can dull the finish of the tiled floor.

Using Acids On Marble Tiles

It is also one of the commonest mistakes. Acidic cleaners cause harm to marble tiles and make them prone to etching. The best thing is to consult an expert before trying out any cleaning solution. Or, you can try it onasmall area or a single tile.


Several mistakes may happen while cleaning tiles and grout. One should ask some expert cleaner if there is any doubt about the cleaning solution. Professional cleaners are also there, who offer specialized cleaning. For expensive floors, it is better to call a cleaning service instead of experimenting with DIY methods.



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