Requirements for novice web designers

                                                                   Requirements for novice web designers
"Minimum requirements" for people who are thinking how to become a web designer and want to create their first website are quite simple. If you know what folders are, graphic text files, you can begin. 


But if you're too lazy to learn the design aspects, you can easily use website builders service. More info:

However, even though the beginning of work is simple, creating a really good website is a real art. There are many skills that you will need to learn. You will need to learn about color theory, the graphics hierarchy of elements, fonts, and the overall organization of the site. Also, knowledge of the main coding languages, namely HTML and CSS, will be useful to you, we'll talk about this too. Then you might want to learn basic JavaScript programming and figure out how to use it to manage different parts of your site. And desperate drummers who want to dig even further can dive into content management systems, search engine optimization, and marketing. But you shouldn’t rush to everything at once, the skills will come with experience and necessity, I will only try to send in the right direction. And if you read it right up to this part of the article, then I can safely say “Welcome to the wonderful world of web design, newbie. Be ready to spoil everything repeatedly and do not forget to have fun! 

Design in the browser for beginners

Perhaps, you know that most designers use graphics editors first, and only then give their projects to the coder for layout. Photoshop is the most commonly used tool, but designers also use programs such as Sketch, GIMP, Inkscape, and Illustrator.


The skills you need to become a web designer

If you want to become a professional web designer yourself, you will need some special skills. In this section, we will answer the question “How to become a web designer by yourself?”, And also focus on the skills necessary for the actual design and creation of the site. Of course, you also need business and communication skills, but this is a slightly different story. So, to become a web designer yourself you need to know the following.

  1. UX / UI design 
  2. Combination of fonts and typography
  3. Color Theory and Color Schemes

How to become a web designer: HTML and CSS

HTML is “Hypertext Markup Language”. Every site you have ever looked at is based on HTML. HTML is the language that your browser understands that there is text, image, link, video, or other elements on the site. Your browser then translates the code into what you see on the screen.
Another language that makes a website beautiful in simple words is called CSS, which means Cascading Style Sheets. CSS tells the browser which font is in the text, and what colors are used. CSS, to put it simply, defines the appearance of your site (buttons, styles, colors, animation). Studying these languages ​​yourself, or at least getting a basic understanding of how they work, is quite simple. These are the easiest computer languages. However, they are also quite extensive and can be used in different variations to create stunning designs.


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