Sparks and Butterflies: 7 Ways to Make Your Husband Love You Even More

Do you feel that there’s already a cold feeling of what was once an intense love between you and your husband? Or do you want the love of your husband for you to be more alive than it was before?

Indeed, marriage is like a valley because, one way or another, you’ll notice that there are peaks and troughs. Some factors are to blame why your husband’s love don’t feel like the same way when you’re still starting in your relationship. Of course, there’s the stress and the pressure of married life that come between your romance.

The good thing is that there are a lot of ways to rekindle the spark and cause the love your husband come to life again. Some of them are simple everyday gestures and others should take a lot of effort on your part. If you want to know about this stuff, read on below.

Stop Being a Nagger

Although you have known your husband as the most patient man since the first time you’ve met, you can take away that best trait of him if you’re just nagging and being negative at him every day.

If there’s something that men don’t like about their partners, it’s undoubtedly their partners’ nagging behavior. The thing is that if you’re frustrated, you should try to hold yourself back from taking your frustrations out on him. It will be difficult on the part of your partner to love a woman who always has tantrums and daily complaints.

Keep Your Sense of Humor Intact

In a relationship, it’s always essential that both of you have a sense of humor. You should see to it that you make your husband laugh at even the corniest things. In this way, your husband is going to want your company and attachment every time. It’s good to be serious in life sometimes, but don’t take it “too” seriously. Relax and Enjoy being together.

Make Dates

It’s essential that you do the things you always did when you were just in the courting phase of your relationship. In other words, court your husband even when you’re already married.

Some couples are so absorbed with the responsibilities and pressures of marriage that they neglect the important thing in a relationship - the relationship itself. To keep your marriage alive, you should make dates to spend time with your husband.

You can take him to a movie or dinner date or whatever activities you both like. You should make sure that you spend special time together.

Give Him a Sincere Appreciation for What He Does

When was the last time you said a sincere appreciation to your husband for working hard, being a responsible husband and dad, or just being always there when you need him? You should always be aware every day of the things that your husband does for you and the family.

Sometimes, men need the validation of their efforts, and it will surely touch their hearts if women tell them that they’re doing good. It will be excellent if you show your appreciation to him personally or in front of your kids.

Try to Take an Interest of His Likes

Although it’s not okay to pretend that you like what he likes, there’s also nothing wrong to try to take an interest in his hobbies and pastimes.

For instance, If your husband loves to play video games, you should see to it that you play a game with him even just for one night. Or if he likes to watch a live game of NBA, you should accompany him to see his favorite team play. Doing this is also an excellent excuse to spend time with him.

Leave Him Notes Containing Sweet Messages

Yes, notes are old-school, but it’s an effective way to make your husband smile. Before any of you leaves home for work or a meeting, you should make an effort of writing a sweet message to him in a piece of paper. Tell him how much you love him or miss him. Although this is a simple gesture, this serves as a reminder of your love for him.

Don’t Forget Your Sex Life

According to Canadian women speakers, marriage is a relationship that needs to be satisfied with both emotional and sexual intimacy. You should be aware that your husband should not always be the one who should initiate sex. As a woman, you should also take the initiative to make him feel desired.

It’s also crucial to add spice to your sexual life. Don’t be boring in bed. You should show to your husband that you’re sexually fun as your relationship goes on every day.


You should see to it that you make an effort as a wife to keep the love alive between you and your husband. Making even the simplest gestures will make your husband love you daily in your relationship. Don’t forget to keep the fun and show him your appreciation for what he does. You can take from the list of tips above for that purpose.

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