PRO CS:GO Players Settings & Configs
PRO CS:GO Players Settings & Configs

CS: GO is a multiplayer team game in which participants can exchange experiences on management optimization to achieve greater success. Therefore, players are constantly experimenting with various parameters, looking for the most convenient for themselves.

Making the game comfortable for you is a significant step in mastering CS: GO. In addition to the standard options, you have the opportunity to customize everything in its own way. Since configs are directly dependent on your devices. Do not forget about it. Many players think that the best way of finding good settings is by simply trying different, varied combinations before ending up with something that they feel is ideal. Another part uses the already recommended ones that infect the Internet. In fact, there is no right answer to this question. It completely depends on you and your goals. If you play just for fun once a month, or even less, then there’s no point in bothering and spending time searching for the most acceptable parameters. But if you want to improve your skills and enter the arena, you should definitely try a lot of options.

The main configuration file in CS: GO is config.cfg

It contains all the basic settings with standard commands. For example, if you entered the game and decided to change the audio and video settings, the config.cfg file will automatically update, and when you re-enter the game, your new audio and video settings will be the same, that is updated and saved.
Your new, created configuration file will already serve as an addition to the main configuration. It will include various additional console commands - commands for video graphics (FPS), for sights, arm positions, bind, etc.

How to use CS: GO configs

We have three ways to set these parameters:

1. Using the standard menu. Click the Settings icon at the right side of the starting screen to enter it. Options here are divided into a few logical groups – just check them out and make your adjustments. Many convenient settings can be made here, but the functionality is rather limited.

2. Using launch options. Open your Steam library, right-click the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, choose Properties and press the button “Set Launch Options.” Enter commands of your choice, using special punctuation. This method is good for some global changes to the game – those you plan to use in all upcoming games. You’ll find examples of launch options in the following list of Pro CS: GO Configs.

3. Through console commands. During matches, you can press the tilde button “~” to activate the developer console. Enter commands here for detailed customization of many game aspects. 

There is nothing complicated about this. As practice shows, to customize your config yourself, from scratch, as you need and how you prefer, it is competently. Therefore, spend a few minutes and customize csgo for yourself. But if you do not want to waste time on this, I advise you to look at csgo pro configs and choose the most interesting for you (maybe, of your favorite professional), try it in matches, and adjust if necessary. Pro players have a much higher level of skills and understanding of the game than average casual players. To be the best in the game  - is their job. That's why we should follow these recommendations. 

How to use CS: GO PRO players configs:

  1. Copy launch options and put them in the special window
  2. Copy crosshair settings and put them into your developer console
  3. Save .cfg files to the folder Program FilesSteamuserdata[your Steam ID]localcfg (or in some cases – Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonCounter-Strike Global Offensivecsgocfg)


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