How Website Marketing Strategy Always Beat the Design

Designing a website without the proper strategy is like roaming in the unfamiliar territory without the map. This means you can lose your path sooner or later! The main reason behind the failure of the start-up enterprise is they get excited about their new business and set out to hire website designing solutions without any strategy and then, disaster strike sweeping away their design dollars. This is why right before you begin, you really need to come up with a solid strategy to design your website.

Do you know what differentiates an experienced web design agency from a solo web designer? An experienced agency will help you to do the proper analysis and diligence required to ensure website designs truly meets business needs properly. On the other side, solo web designers will work on instructions you will give him without suggesting any changes during the entire process. The business design strategy can be divided into the main three categories namely message, function and representation. Let’s get in details to know more about the web design strategy.

What is the Message of Your Web Design?

What do you serve in the market? You need to define your potential clients before setting out to create a website. The more specific you will be about your client the better you will be able to serve their needs. Here are some questions you can ask yourself while doing the client analysis:

•    Who are your potential customers?

•    Are they male or female?

•    Do you have a passion for serving them?

•    What are the biggest goals you have?

Answers of all the above questions will clear your thoughts about the message you want to spread through your website and online marketing techniques.

Functions of your Website Design

Another critical yet important part of your web design and development process is the website’s functions. The layout you set for your website highly influenced by the business goals. Therefore, you need to decide if:

•    Will it be an online store?

•    Are you selling products or services?

•    You want to share information on free on cost and generate revenue through affiliated marketing?

Once come up with the clarity, it will become much easier to know whether you need a chat tool, landing page, management software, online booking tool or not? Find out about the path you want to lead your visitors to take desired actions and then, help the designers to put the right thing in the right place.

Representation of the website

If you have ever visited a store with your friends then, you have probably noticed that everyone has a unique taste of their own. The same goes for the website design. Even though you have described what you envision, your web designer may have something else in mind. It is understandable that both of you have a common goal of creating a website that is attractive but right before you send the reference website to your designers, it is necessary to create brand standard guide first. The brand standard must include the fonts, colours and styles of your website design.

In short, it is impossible to come up with the right web design without having the proper strategy.

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