Things you should know about DApp

We consider that after learning the blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, you may have come across the name DApp.

But before directly jumping into the concept, what DApp means?

Let’s clear your concept about What is Blockchain?

Refer our blog about basic of blockchain and how it works.

“Blockchain – Solution to digital world”

Open-source software that holds on the blockchain technology is called DApps.

Do you know what decentralized app is? If the system is not being controlled by any central authority then it is called a decentralized system. Because of this, if someone put the record or information on a DAPP, it can never get deleted. Though the content can be edited by the entity who uploaded it.

Decentralized systems are different from centralized internet applications. They are based on a centralized server and act as a controlling authority to the whole application. But in the case of DApps, these are not engaged with any particular entity and works on the peer-to-peer network protocol.

The technology behind this is blockchain and everyone is surprised by its amazing potential. So clearly there is no question of making a doubt for these decentralized apps.

Let’s look at the difference between Centralized, Decentralised and distributed systems.

Centralized – It basically consists of a single central authority from which flow of information is controlled.

Decentralized – Processing is done at each node. No node is dependent on other for its processing.

Distributed – Computation is done by multiple nodes as opposed to a single node

Makes a way to connect users with each other completely, discarding the middleman, we can get a clear concept about DApps. The open – sources of this help the users to take charge for the changes and the codebase available to all. In public blockchain, the data and protocols in these are cryptographically stored.

Ethereum, MaidSafe, KYC-Chain, Bitcoin etc. are some of the popular DApp solutions.

What is a Decentralized Application?

Decentralized Application is the application which works on the peer-to-peer decentralized network. It is popularly known as DApps. No central authority is present here. Authorization is dispersed across various nodes. It basically includes serverless provisions, which runs mutually on the customer side.

for example:  Ethereum- The front-end and consumer credentials are managed by customer tool. At the same time, back end runs within a disbursed network of computers that offer for the processing and storage necessities.

We can say that there might not be one definition of what a Dapp is. However, there are noticeable common features of Dapps:

  • Open Source

  • Decentralized

  • Incentivized

  • Protocol

Let’s move further, and have a look at the Classification of DApps

There is the only way to classify this is whether these applications have their own blockchain or they rely on other Dapp’s blockchain. Based on this these DApps are classified into 3 types –

Type I Dapps – They contain their own blockchain. for eg: Bitcoins, Litecoins and other altcoins.

Type II Dapps – Type II type use the blockchain of Type I DApps. This type of Dapps is protocol. They consist of tokens that are necessary for their functions.

Type III Dapps – Decentralized applications that are built on top of and use the protocol of Type 1 or 2 decentralized application are called as TypeIII dapps. Type II Dapps protocol is used here which are also necessary for their function.

How Dapps are operated?

There are two ways through which Dapps are basically operated.

  1.  Proof of Work – In the case of POW, the decisions about the changes to be made on the Dapp itself and are calculated. It is based on the amount of work each individual stakeholder contribute in the operation of DApps. POW is commonly known as mining.

  2. Proof of stake – But in case of Proof of Stake, decision and consensus on the app depend on how much a stakeholder owns over the application.

How to Kickstart a DApp Project?

1. Create a whitepaper – Here whitepaper refers to the executive summary of your application. It is like a roadmap for your project. It is a very first step. It can be helpful in solving the problems, goals and token distribution mechanism. It should also describe a mechanism for establishing recruitment and consensus. You should always be honest about the technical difficulties involved in the project since the community is technically savvy. Your whitepaper should address a problem, the one who wishes to solve. It should state the goals and intentions of the Dapp.

2. Build Traction – Since DApp is an open source platform, you need to form a community. Then that community will help you to develop and promote your idea. When you get accordingly.

3. Start a crowd-sale – Once you realized that your Dapp has gained enough traction. After that plan the date and process to receive token funding. The information which is useful for the investor will be included in the DApps crowd sale.

4. Time for execution – Now, finally in the last step it is time to begin the development. To develop the Dapp you will need talented Solidity (Ethereum’s Programming Language) developers. Welcoming new interest groups to your community will help you to popularize your app.

Why DApps? Advantages:-

  • Inherent Security – DApps completely rely on the blockchain, so it helps to protect against any effort to steal money or manipulate content.

  • Against corporate interference – Traditional development depends on developers or any authority to facilitate the transaction and for decisions about the structure but Dapps have the potential to operate entirely of their own. These are free from outside influence.

  • Distributed applications are easy to implement.

  • Diversification of activities carried out which lower down the burden of task on a single module.

  • Secure better co-ordination.


Every innovation brings a transformation to the digital economy. Considering all the innovations, we can say that blockchains and Dapps are one of those which are invested upon various business organizations. DApps already has targeted the global market. It will definitely create revenue. Companies are taking advantage of the decentralized network to gain better business grow faster.

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