A Guide To Semi Formal Dresses For Men

Semi formal dress for men makes them look smart and allow them to express their personality, and would make them the cynosure of a gathering.

While formal dresses help you be perfectly attired for big and formal occasions, semi formal dressing is basically all about looking and feeling smart. Semi formal dresses are midway between formal dresses and casual dresses. A casual dress is what you wear when you go out for a movie or a mall. Semi formal is worn to clubs, office parties, and can even be worn for work.

A formal dress generally means a suit or blazers worn over formal shirts and pants. Casual includes just about anything, T-shirt, jeans and even shorts. Semi formal attire needs to retain the sobriety of formal attire and at the same time should have a casual look, allowing the wearers to look stylish and be themselves.

Semi formal is smart

Semi formal dress for men makes them look smart. Semi formal shirts and pants add colour to your personality. It makes you appear smart and also feel smart. A man decked up in the perfect semi formal attire would make heads turn, when he walks into an office party.

Smart dressing is today’s trend. As the old adage says ‘The first impression is the best impression’. When you walk into the office on a Friday with semi formal wear, there is no doubt the impression you create will be the best one possible.

Formal vs semi formal

So how are semi formal dresses different from formal ones? A formal function usually is one where there are rules and protocols followed. A business event, an interview or a wedding is where you generally can’t afford to be casual or to experiment. You need to project your professional side.

Semi formal events like a party at the office or an event at a club allows you to relax. You can express yourself more freely and the dress you wear can express your colorful personality. Mens semi formal fashion trends point to the popularity of club shirts and chinos.

Semi formal shirts

Unlike formal shirts, semi formal shirts need not be plain or striped. Colored and patterned shirts are just fine when the dress code is semi formal. Cotton and linen fabric are best suited for semi formal.

Light colored shirts with dots or designed patterns would look very good for a smart and semi formal appearance. Light blue, Off-white, Gray or even Cream colored shirts with a pattern would suit most people. The best thing is these shirts can even be worn for work. With a blazer over it, you can look even smarter


Club shirts are yet another option for semi formal wear. This trendy, chic and fashionable attire makes a statement. It allows you to express your personality fully. Club wear shirts are excellent to wear while visiting a club and also for parties and other get-togethers.

Club shirts are designer shirts that are colorful, have stylish patterns and are made from soft fabric that ensures comfort. These shirts would be perfect for those who like to be trendy.


Semi formal trousers for men should complement the shirt that is worn. Chinos would be a great option as they match well with any kind of semi formal shirts. While formal trousers are usually staid and match with the shirt and suit, semi formal is where variety rules.

Men can wear semi formal pants of any color. While the popular colors like gray, black, and blue are always fine. One can experiment with bright and peppy colors including khaki, red and even shades of pink. Yes, we said it! Pink is the new trend for the metrosexual man and men no longer shy away from pink even in semi formal occasions.


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