All you need to know before you book your Bali Package vacation.
All you need to know before you book your Bali Package vacation.

Need to plan a holiday to Bali but you’re short on time? Booking a Bali Package Vacation could be just the solution for you. It will help you skip time intrinsic processes such as ticket bookings, itinerary planning and other travel formalities, leaving you to simply pack your bags and go! However, you will still be left with the task of finding the right vacation package for your needs. Keeping this in mind, the following article will highlight some pointers to help ease your decision making processes.

1. Compare thoroughly before you book – it’s important!

A simple comparison could be the line between an amazing holiday experience and one that’s not so satisfactory. There are tons of travel agents, tour operators and aggregator sites that have multiple Bali Package Vacations that you can choose from.

2. Are visas included?

Some packages cover visas, some don’t. Getting the visa sorted on your own will time consuming and involve a lot of formalities. It will also cost you money over and above the tour package. So it’s best to for packages that cover visas.

3. Not all packages include transfers.

A holiday involves a lot of internal transfers. When you land you need to make it to your hotel. From there you will have to travel to the various other destinations & places of interest. It’s best you look for a Bali holiday package that covers all these transfers. More importantly, compare the types of transfers at hand – some plans have shared transfers, other have private, etc.

4. You can choose different accommodations.

Every plan should offer a choice of accommodation. Usually, this means you can pick from 3, 4 & 5 stars hotels. However, some tour operators provide levels of accommodation based on user reviews. Some tour operators also provide the option of hostels – this is perfect if you’re travelling with friends on a tight budget.

5. Number of destinations covered.

Some plans will only cover Bali; this is perfect for a short trip. However, if you are looking for a package that covers other destinations such Seminyak & Ubud, there are numerous packages that cover these places too. They will usually be longer holidays.

6. Cost varies.

How much you end-up paying will depend on the number of days you stay, the type of accommodation & transfers you choose, the number destinations covered and other things. It’s important you get your needs fixed first and then start comparing plans accordingly. Feel free to approach or ring-up different tour operators for quotations. You could also go online to do the same.




We hope these 6 pointers help you find the right Bali Package vacation. You’ll need to do some amount of research but things are much simpler than doing everything on your own. We are sure you will have an amazing time on the islands and come back with a truckload of unforgettable memories. Good luck, travel safe and bon voyage!


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