WhatsMode – Top Fashion Gurus You NEED to Follow!
WhatsMode – Top Fashion Gurus You NEED to Follow!

The latest fashion trends on the social media are really upping the game for what qualifies as stylish and chic. Things are getting hot and increasingly competitive. It really isn’t as simple as a touch of blush and a colorful dab on the lips.

Even for clothes, as much as you want to throw on just about whatever you can find in your wardrobe, we all can use some insightful guidance. The good thing about this multi-billionaire industry is that it has slowly personalized to individual tastes. Fashion is no longer about emulating what a model wears on a ramp. 

You don’t have to wear what everyone else is wearing, neither are you obliged to squeeze into a size zero to look good. The millennial age of fashion has brought new rules that aren’t tied to brand dictations anymore.

You may need to browse around for make-up tutorials and fashionable attire to keep pace with what’s in. However, it may get tricky because while everyone pretends to be a fashion expert on social media, only a few real ones are good enough to earn that claim.

We’ve done the sifting for you and are back with the chicest, most stylish fashion gurus of 2018 to help you realize your own personal style. These young fashion bloggers are a much-needed breath of fresh air and have truly re-defined the definition of ‘what looks good’.

1.     Michelle Phan

This bright, funny girl tops the list as one of the most popular fashion influencers of 2018. With friendly, quick, and easy tutorials on home-made face masks and clothing hacks, she’s that fashionable big sister that you wish you had.

Michelle will teach you how to play around with bold and vibrant colors when it comes to make-up and clothes. From relationship advice and nightly skincare hacks to the most enrapturing make-up tutorials, this girl covers it all! 

If you’re an avid follower, you’ll know that this famous beauty blogger was on a hiatus for quite some time before returning with a bang. Catch her channel on Youtube and follow her uber-chic fashion tips.

2.     Chriselle Lim

This Asian-American beauty has been a popular fashion icon for quite some time. Famous for her transformation fashion videos, Chriselle humorously demonstrates how anyone can improvise with a piece of fabric and turn it into the hippest shirt, skirt, or a flashy dress.

Owning one of the most exquisite fashion blog sites, Chriselle is one of the most realistic and super-fashionable gurus to follow.

3.     Kathleen Lights

If you spent even half an hour on Youtube or Instagram every day, you would definitely know this girl. Her tutorials are such a pleasure to watch. With a nail polish brand of her own and extremely innovative make-up tutorials, there is no question why her followers have sky-rocketed this year.

From reviewing all the latest make-up products to posting clothing hauls every month, this girl covers the A to Z of fashion for you. 

Follow these beautiful ladies on your Youtube and Instagram and get the latest news on everything fashion.

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