5 Factors to Consider While Buying Eco Hardwood Online for Burning
5 Factors to Consider While Buying Eco Hardwood Online for Burning

The preparation for winters in incomplete until you have arranged adequate quantity of firewoods. Nowadays, availing good quality of firewood has become difficult because of the increasing demand. Even after discovering numerous power and heat sources, the value of firewood never reduced. Even it becomes more valuable. This is the main reason why many people are fooled by supplying inferior quality of firewood that produces smoke more than heat. A wood producing less flame is worthless to fire outside. Also, excessive smoke can darken the walls if you burn it at a fireplace. It is a misconception that all softwoods are inferior from the perspective of producing fire as compared to the hardwood. Even some species of hardwood also burns miserably and produce less heat. Scroll down to know some important factors to consider before buying hardwood.

Important things to consider before buying firewood stock

1) Confirm the wood species moisture level

All woods contain different level of water that even remains inside when you burn it. Ask the dealer about the woods that they are supplying for fire. Search them online to know their capacity for water retaining. The maple, cherry & oak are some species of eco hardwood online in Austral that burns efficiently and contains less amount of water. In the time of delivery, never forget to take a test with a moisture meter for complete assurance. It must not be more than 20% of the total mass of wood.

2) Always prefer seasoned wood

When it comes to the burning purpose, only seasoned wood is a perfect choice. It means drying the wood after cutting for some months to reduce its moisture. Apart from natural sunlight seasoning, kiln heat seasoning process is also popular nowadays. It is an artificial way to fasten the process of seasoning. However, the natural seasoning is more trustful because it takes around 6 to 12 months depending on the moisture level. A moist wood is much heavier thus the vendor may charge some extra bucks if you are buying in quintals or tonnes.

3) Be precise on the cord

All dealers of eco logs online in Austral supply their material in cords. It is a metallic frame spanning 8 feet long X 4 feet height X 4 feet width. It is good to deal in cords because they ensure a specific number of wooden logs without considering the weight. Measure the dimensions of the cord with your own measurement tape while receiving the order.

4) Check the log stacking carefully

Stacking of wood in a wrong way reduces their quantity and you get less material than expected. Generally, many people ignore this factor and vendors take its advantage. All of them must be trimmed in a uniform length of around 4 feet. Also, make sure that the stack is not loosely packed to cheat the buyers.

5) Ask for a proper invoice containing product information

Make sure that you are getting exactly you are buying. There are frauds who mix good quality firewall with some inferior logs. Ask the vendor to mention the name of wood in which he is dealing with you. In case of any quality issue, the vendor must take full accountability regarding return & replacement.


Ideal species of hard firewood:-

  1. American beech.

  2. Apple.

  3. Ironwood.

  4. Red oak.

  5. Shagbark hickory.

  6. Sugar maple.

  7. White ash.

Ideal species of soft firewood: -

  1. Tamarack

  2. Cedar

  3. Fir

  4. Hemlock

  5. Oak

  6. Birch

This information is enough to educate you for differentiating between good and bad quality firewood. Whenever you order hardwood online, gain adequate information about the vendor regarding his past track record with customers.

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