5 Energy Saving Tips That Help You Alot

5 Energy Saving Tips That Help You Alot

Tip 1 | Track energy consumption
"There's an app for that." Nowadays you can keep track of everything, including your energy consumption. How much do I actually use? And how can I reduce that? On your annual accounts you can see how much gas and electricity you have used in the past year. Compare consumption with last year. This way you can immediately see whether it has risen or fallen. There are several apps available for this. You can also compare your energy consumption with the national average. In a terraced house, the average gas consumption is about 1450 m3 per year. The power consumption depends on the number of people in a household, with 4 people this is 4750 kWh per year. If you know what you use, you can see where savings are possible. Read on for more handy tips.

Tip 2 | Save when cooking
You can save a lot of energy by cooking. For example, do not use more water than necessary. The more water you boil, the more energy it takes. It is also advisable to keep the lid on the pan so that more heat is retained. All preparations in boiling water can be prepared with the lid on the pan. Do you cook electric? Then it is cheaper to boil water with a kettle. If you cook on gas, this is not cheaper. Ready to cook? Turn off the extractor hood! An extractor hood removes odors but also heat. So do not leave the extractor hood on unnecessarily long.

Tip 3 | Save on the power consumption of your TV
Is the TV on all day long to stream on YouTube TV, Spotify, Netflix or to play games? With these handy tips you can save a lot on your power consumption with small changes. Don't miss to use YouTube TV Promo Code to save on purchasing premium services. 

Switch on the eco mode on your TV, which saves you up to 20% power consumption. The TV then switches off faster when inactive. While streaming Spotify, you can put the TV to sleep mode if possible, so you use less power. Or stream via a bluetooth speaker, so the TV is not wasting energy unnecessarily. A more expensive tip is to purchase a TV with an A++ energy label. This can save up to 50% power consumption compared to a plasma TV. Convinced of this saving, do not buy your TV too large. With a screen size of 55 inches, the ideal viewing distance is about 4 meters.

Tip 4 | Be smart with chargers
How many chargers do you have in all sockets? Often unnoticed there are a lot of them that use energy unnecessarily. It is best to remove devices that are charged from the charging point as soon as possible. If the chargers are not in use but are connected to the socket, they still use power, this is called standby consumption. For example, by removing phone chargers from the socket when they are not in use, there is less standby consumption. Fortunately, modern chargers are less affected by this than older ones. A handy solution to reduce standby consumption is a power strip with a switch. You can turn off all connected devices or chargers in 1 click. Such a power strip is already for sale from a few dollars. You can buy electronics stuff at cheap price using Amazon promo codes

Tip 5 | Travel at home? You can save a lot!
Did you know that drafts cause a lot of extra energy consumption? Drafts can come from anywhere: through the letterbox, through the crawl hatch or under the door. The solution is simple: seal all seams and cracks in the house using draft strips or sealant. You can find these products in the hardware store. You can save up to $60 per year with this. If your house has many seams or cracks, cold air flows in from the outside and warm air flows out. When all these seams and cracks are closed, the thermostat can go down and start saving. Because it feels warmer, the thermostat can be lowered by a degree, resulting in a total saving of about $170 per year.

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